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Rohan Anil Bhatt
Rohan Anil Bhatt

Rohan Anil Bhatt


SQuare Consulting and Management Service

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Rohan Anil Bhatt's Advice

Become an Expert at your task!!!

Dear Friends, Today's times are effectively known as the times of turbulence, with the factors of recession and competition and fierce rivalry. This type of a market is calling in for the involvement of the people involved in a better manner. You are what you want to become in life. You can either be a person who constantly complain about what you don't have or you can be the factor of commitment and results. The key to this is very simple. Keep doing your work and keep identifying what is the thing that makes you different from others. An example can be the factor of success that one expects from a Sales person. Once a sales man of caps got to travel from one village to the other. While he was En-route, it was the afternoon and he got very tired. He found shade under the tree and took all of his caps and kept it next to him and took a nap after having his lunch. Meanwhile, a group of monkeys took all his caps and wore them. When he woke up, the monkeys climbed up the tree and started teasing him. He thought of many different ways but could not convince them. But then he observed that the monkeys were imitating his actions, so he jumped about once. The monkeys did the same, then he jumped about twice, again the monkeys did that. Then he threw his cap on the ground, and as soon as the monkeys did that, he gathered all his caps and ran away from there. The fable is really old but the lesson is legendary... The Sales man never forgot to keep his skill of observation with him. He observed the acts of the opposite party and saw how well it depended on his. So, in working we also have to be highly observant and constantly learning. HAPPY SELLING!!! CHEERS, Rohan Bhatt SQuare Consulting and Management Services
Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I belong to a Gujarati Brahmin family with my father, A Self Employed Insurance Professional, my mother and a younger brother
Required Reading:
We are in times where actually "Scientia sit Potentia" (Knowledge is Power in Latin). The more you are aware of your surroundings and your work vertical, the more you grow. I usually don't endorse any particular writer but Robin Sharma stands apart.
Advice For New Professionals:
People have forgotten what it means to be hard core into your job. Passion for what you do and a drive for success is what carries you through the job with ease. Don't think of the jobs as burdens but be thankful for each day of learning. This experience will be the most useful thing to you in the future.
Role Model:
I have always looked at my father as my role model. He was and is one of the most passionate people when it comes to his work. This level of passion and love for one's work should be a standard fitting in every working person's mind.
Plans For The Future:
I won't be able to give a very clear idea to this one as I have seen that you plan but things don't go as planned and then suddenly there is something you never even think of and suddenly you have it. I do see myself going out of West India and expanding to Pan India operations by 2016
Growth Strategy:
The most important thing to keep going on is to never stop learning. I believe in this to the core and keep learning like a 14 year old schoolboy who does not know anything. This makes me ever enthusiastic about everything.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Professionalism had a different definition at the time I started working for my employers. A Hard working and dedicated person who worked without looking at the time was considered as an industry standard. Now a days, people have a different approach towards working which shows that the value of Human Resources has gone up.
Other Thoughts:
I personally wish to see the people working now a days to be more like focused towards being assets to the organization rather than burdens. I quite vividly remember my initial days as a fresher. Constant pressure and tensions to perform as per the expectations of the company.
Degrees That Matter:
The best degree that counts is experience and when I talk about experience, its not just on paper experience but actual experience in working and achieving things on regular basis.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I am no one to be proud of my achievements, its just a state of mind. But my substantial milestones are like the completion of my first restaurant consulting project and the first brand roll out of my project.
Contribution to the field
It is more like asking a parent about their baby, I love my company because it started with the vision to be able to help and assist people in the best possible manner with their workings and vision for their business. In short, to solve their problems hence the line - Problems meet Solutions...
Done Differently:
Nothing much different except for the fact that I would have started earlier. Honestly!
The Journey So Far:
I started working with companies along with my BBA and I explored the various facets of business from the viewpoint of Sales & Marketing. I touched industries like Outsourcing, Hospitality, Tourism, Real Estate, Education and Finally Franchising & Retail business. You have to find your passion before settling in for a permanent career choice.
Job Profile:
SQuare Consulting was founded by myself and my brother Yash Bhatt with the clear aim to be able to attain solutions for the businesses where they need it the most. We have worked out a very simple task allocation for both of us. I take care of consulting projects and implementation of the tasks and my brother takes care of Public Relations.
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