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Ritika Sharma
Ritika Sharma

Ritika Sharma




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Family Background
my mom...well she is amazing..she completed her doctorate degree an year ago in cloud computing.she has been my 24X7 guide to the world of computer dad,he had completed his masters in journalism..he is perfect..not only in his field..but in everything else can talk to him about anything and he always has a piece of information for you..he boosted the confidence in me..he made me a great younger brother...well he aims to be an automobile engineer but he is still in school.
Job Profile:
i am working as a freelancer..will soon be launching my much awaited website
Required Reading:
there's a huge list of books available for different streams...but the best thing would be to for the books of collage...the books they recommend you in collage contains thorough piles of knowledge stacked in them..for upcoming programmers...i would like to suggest them to go for author books of their respective language
"Linkedin" is a professional networking website i would like to recommend..and upcoming hackers can go for a magazine named "hacker5".
Done Differently:
i should have published my website on the very same day i developed it..yea..that's the first thing i would like to change;it would have been such a great success by now....and i would like change the way i use to study my interest..i was like...grasping all the knowledge related to computer science and engulfing it like it like a hungry ape...but ya that has its pros too like now i know pretty well about almost all fields in computer science..take it from programming to hacking and artificial intelligence to robotics...networking to cloud computing...(more of a software..i know :P) but by now i know a huge lot of things about many diverse topics...its like i know something something of evrything..but i don't wanna go this way now..i would like to change it to focus more on network security now...if i would have done that now i would have reached at some height.
Degrees That Matter:
CEH v8 cetification
Role Model:
Albert Einestien.........he has always been my inspiration..he is like the best and strongest person ever...he always had a positive word for every situation he came across...
Plans For The Future:
i see myself as an dedicated employee of google...and after that i would like to open up a network security company in my name
Professional Strengths:
honesty,soft skills,professionalism,work ethics,dynamic speaker,investigative researcher.
Working Life Management:
i enjoy my its more of a leisure activity i do...i just enjoy writing reading researching and discussing about computers and technology..i work in empty spaces of my daytime..its like living life to the fullest.
Advice For New Professionals:
gear up guys...entering this tech-dependent world today and here:
knowing something is like rowing upstream,not advancing is like drowning backwards
so to survive u need to advance...u need to be up to date anyhow..passion in your heart,peace in your soul,positive attitude and zeal to make everything perfect in your head...and u r ready to go...u r d savior of this world...go and save it from bad software/technology ideas. :)
The Journey So Far:
i started as a programmer when i was in 9th standard,developed my website and started experimenting with HTML DHTML and XML..then along with high schooling in science i upgraded to more languages like c,c++ and java...and then i did a crash course of c++ from a ITS in kurukshetra. i gave sevrel competitive exams in computer science and information technology like olympiad and procom.these exams while i was in school helped me a lot to get identified with my interest areas.revising concepts of each language all over again gives me a fresh and different perspective to see and analyze a language.
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