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Ritika Sanghi
Ritika Sanghi

Ritika Sanghi


Atlogys Technical Consulting


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Company Profile
I started Atlogys Technical Consulting in June 2009 after moving back to India post quitting my job as a senior software engineer with Google in their Mountain View, CA office.
"Outsourced" Software Development often falls short on its promise of Economical and High-Quality software design. Entrepreneurs investing in technology based ventures (on the web and mobile) find the process of outsourcing time consuming, hassling and difficult to manage.
At times, a well-funded business idea may even fail due to the in competencies and inefficiencies in the outsourced software development process.
At Atlogys we provide a unique service called "Smart CTO" (Chief Technology Officer) for making the process of "outsourcingsoftware development" (for any entrepreneur or corporate) completely hassle-free!
We work in the domain of large-scale, distributed web and mobile platforms. As offshore CTO’s, we fully design, help develop, and then deploy such solutions on a turn-key basis.  Our CTO service is a complete package consisting of business analysis, technical feasibility analysis, software architecture design, vendor procurement, vendor management, performance enhancements and server monitoring.
Even though located offshore, we work like an onshore CTO's to fully understand the client's business vision, to design an optimized architecture, to source the *RIGHT* software development vendor, to get the *RIGHT* project plan time and costs from the vendor, and then to manage and monitor the whole process for a quality delivery which is on time and on budget.
As per various case studies, in effect, we help reduce development times by almost 50% and developmentcosts by up to 30%.
Through our engagement, clients get much better code, much sooner that is also optimized for their business requirements so they can focus on the business and not the software !

My Role
Atlogys started as a one man shop with me evangelizing the concept, testing the waters, getting feedback from experienced entrepreneurs, building a vendor and client network, setting the HR/legal aspects in place and so on…
I went on to successfully executing a couple of big orders as an offshore CTO. This helped us get word of mouth publicity and then there immediately came a need to scale. I hired my first employee 5 months into the business and now we are a 12 member company consisting of passionate and hard core computer scientists from Tier 1 colleges like IIT, NSIT, IISc, DCE.
As the company has evolved I am taking on more of a strategist role trying to set auto-pilot processes, trying to train and delegate various parts of the execution to my team which is more experienced and more talented than I am.
I am also trying to take a much more active role in events and conferences because I love to give tech talks and evangelize about latest technology.
Relationship with potential investors
The feedback has been very positive. We are a services company and there are very few investors interested in such domains. However, our service is very niche and different. I have gotten interest from various angel and venture firms who were even interested in investing a stake into Atlogys. They see huge potential and were very receptive to giving constructive feedback and help us reach out to a bigger market.
Difficulties faced
Such a consulting service initially gained traction only in the foreign market. There were foreign entrepreneurs and foreign corporates wanting to outsource software development to India but were having a hard time getting good design and delivery on time. So they used our services. Getting the same response in the Indian market was hard but the first breakthrough came in 2011. Now there are many big corporates and well-funded entrepreneurs in India who are outsourcing technology to us so they may focus solely on the business.
Secondly, scaling the company so we could execute more projects in parallel while maintaining the same quality was difficult. We are a small company and attracting and retaining good talent is difficult. We only like to recruit the likes of tier 1 colleges or people with 5+ years of work ex.
However, this challenge is also slowly getting overcome now because we are able to offer a good working environment and extremely challenging working assignments in the domain of latest web and mobile technologies.

Advice to young entrepreneurs
Do what you love and it will happen !
Find your passion and work with head strong determination to achieve it.
Every day will be a crisis but don’t panic. Take it as a learning experience and don’t repeat your mistakes.

Key thoughts about Entrepreneurship
Atlogys Technical Consulting was covered by IIT, Delhi in 2012 as the top twenty most promising startups. This was during their annual flagship event called eDC (Entrepreneurship Development Cell) in March 2012.
We also have a great corporate video which explains the gist and value addition of the service model. This can be viewed at
Our Internet HTML5 presentation is available.

Culture as the company has grown
This is Key. I very heavily believe in creating a good working environment (thanks to Google !). At Atlogys we have a university like culture. There is no hierarchy. We have free drinks on the house and a recreational zone with games like carom and chess etc. We have funky thoughts of the day and dilbertsetc. on the walls and a jazzy office decor which is colorful and bright.
We encourage everyone to have fun at work, dress casually, and to shout out if they are given a boring assignment which they do not enjoy. There are 2 popular quotes we live and breathe:
My Heart is in the work-By Andrew Carnegie
I don’t need a coat to be serious-By Larry Page

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