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Ritesh Kumar Singh
Ritesh Kumar Singh

Ritesh Kumar Singh

Group Economist Raymond Limited

Raymond Limited


Ritesh Kumar Singh is a member of:

Initiative to develop a country
To keep themselves updated in their chosen profession. They should share their expertise and inspire their juniors to be better professionals. We need better quality/original write ups/articles on technical topics including economic policy, so professionals should spare time for writing ...or at least for visiting B-schools/academic institutions to share their expertise/skills. Skill deficit is the bane of Indian economy....hence any help in filling India's skill gap would be welcome.
Ensuring success
I read relevant material every day to keep myself updated in my area of expertise. I write for Hindu Business Line Oped page on economic and trade policy issues to highlight their implications for Indian businesses.
I also attend conferences/seminars...and discuss issues in my professional field with colleagues/relevant linkedin connections for better insights.

I also visit b-schools campuses, participate in panel discussions and make presentations at corporate gatherings...
Couple of years from now
I aspire to become a respected and well known 'Corporate Economist' in the next few years...
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Higher education in India is in serious mess and needs urgent attention of policy makers. Shortage of teaching staff, growing nepotism, and rising disconnect between corporate sector and academic institutions is leading to rising un-employability of students with professional degrees.

Shortage of teachers is causing deterioration of quality...One way this can be addressed in the short run is by encouraging corporate executives to spare time and teach (on weekends)in engineering colleges, b-schools and other institutions...this will also bridge the gap b/w academic institutions and businesses and improve 'employ-ability' of students in some way.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
I think a leader is one who has a clear vision for the future and who can inspire his/her juniors for better works.
Unfortunately in India,leaders think leading means controlling.The result is we get micro-managers, high attrition rates and slower linear growth.

Leaders should be good listeners. Other qualities for a leader, in my view especially for an emotional society like ours would be impartiality and un-favoritism... which is quite rare in most organizations from corporate to government...
My strongest skill
I know that there are so many things that I still don't know...that makes me humble about my competency and motivates me for keep improving myself every day. I think, I'm good at getting the big picture fast. Plus I'm good at understanding government policies. Communication skill is a plus, I suppose.
Degree that I recommend
Yes,I'm looking for short term courses in Forex Market analysis. Communication/Presentation skills; may be creative writing as well...
Influenced by
There are several influences in my life from top economists like A.K. Sen, Bhgawati to others like Ayn Rand, Arundhati Roy, John Grisham...
My achievements
There's a long way to go...but I think I'm proud of some of my articles on economic and trade policy issues published in HBL...I'm also proud of being able to use my knowledge of trade economics for the benefit of my organization.
My family background
Well, I'm from a humble, lower middle class educated but big family. My brother is a doctor while my wife is an MBA...
Important decision
Decision to leave my government job...and marrying my wife, Prerna
Important lesson learned
Confidence comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from hard work.So if you want to be confident work hard...

Life is a tough journey and hard work is the key to go through it successfully.
Brief description about me
Group Economist, Raymond Limited wherein I advise the top management of the Group companies on the implications of changing global macroeconomic environment including implications of FTAs/WTO agreements.
My role model
Dr. Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group...He's very knowledgeable...well known...yet very humble and polite. One more thing...he thinks strongly on non-economic issues as well...that I like the most.
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