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Ravi Gupta
Ravi Gupta

Ravi Gupta

Sales Manager

Al Fahed Aluminum & Steel Works


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Becoming good marketing professionals
The main objective in short is to manipulate the customer / client to buy or use your product. If a sales man can sell a comb to a bald person... no other can compete with him in marketing.
Current Job description
Working as sales & marketing manager for a construction company in Doha, Qatar. The job includes making new clients, maintaining the old / previous clients.
Upcoming Trends
Just new ways of manipulation .. selling the same shit in different packing.
Developing a country
Try to fill company's pocket too rather than concentrating on their own pockets
Handling new territory
It doesnt matter for a sales man as every customer is a different person. territory may be different, but the people and the mentality would be the same. the same rule applies again.. same shit in different packings ..
Effect of sales on an organization
the revenue is generated from the sales.. so its got all the impact .. good bad or worse
Essential qualification required
depends on the boss, those who look for paper qualifications end up with bookworm assholes, those who look for practical experience.. they excel.. all the big business houses in India earned their reputation by providing good services (be it conned or true)but the biggest factor.. none of the bosses were a degree holder. you need brains and presence of mind.
My advice to upcoming professionals
stop being bookworm. we all know 2 + 2 = 4 .. but when time comes.. we should be able to prove the customer that 2 + 2 is not 4 ..
Education system in India
pay more to get better education .. if you are poor .. you start learning A B C D when you are in 6th standard
Motivating team members
tell them a story.. have they seen a kid trying to stand and walk ? all would YES .. but no one will know how many times the kid fell and tried to stand.. but one fine day.. he stands as well as walks .. dont give up.. what may happen
My family background
Parents are no more, I am married and have a wife and 3 sons, studying in Nepal.
Essential skills
be honest, keep yr eyes and mind open, be soft spoken, never lose yr temper even if the other person is wrong, but try to find a better and friendly way to prove him wrong and still maintain the relation.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
by hook or by crook.. i achieve my targets
Importance of brand image
the brand image depends not just on the product but also on the team behind it.. the brand needs proper sales and after sales service to keep the consumer satisfied and promote too
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
both are a must. online can help you target many customers at a very short interval of time.. and hardcore approach where you interact directly with the customers face to face .. then its the sales person's ability to make him fall for your bait.
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