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Ramakant Gupta
Ramakant Gupta

Ramakant Gupta

MPLS engineer with huawei telecommunication PVT.LTD

huawei telecommunication PVT.LTD

Challenges faced in job
Troubleshooting in network,it's really interesting job.
I enjoy really challenging increase my confidence high & i always dedicated about My work.I do my job with honestly because if i will give my focus in my current job ,i will do My duties honestly then definitely it will be good for My future carrier .am working hard with my job so that i can improve my knowledge & skill.whenever i face challenges with my job or typical troubleshooting i that time i really happy from my heart because i know that these challenging moment of my life will improve my knowledge & give me bright future with respect to my knowledge & Skill...
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
i really like this question...
as per My understanding first of all our talent should stay in our country just because of these talent not find that kind of environment facilities job package as provide by foreign country.
we should try to stop moving of talent from our country to foreign country.for exam:-1)in U.S.A there is 38% Doctor is indian.
2)in Microsoft 34% employee is indian.3)in nasa there is 36% scientist is days time has changed,all buddy want a good job facility ,handsome package & suck kind of open environment as foreign country.
for these kind of changes first of all we change our thinking criteria.
our thinking will be broad.we should be broad minded.we are facing these problem because of lacking of thinking....such as single drop & drop of water make a fulfill water pot same as if we achieve success to stop moving of talent from our country then defiantly we can represent to our self in word market's as a broad tech tycoon...
Current Trends
first of all we have to be updated with current scenario.
we have to be stay in touch with latest technology.
if I talk about My field this is Network industries & day-To-Day new technology come in the scenario so i have to be days mostly company work on MPLS(Multi-protocol-lavel-switching).this is a backbone technology so now i m working with this technology...
but we are facing the cost issye for technology so that nobody want to be enter in this industries & he don't want to go ahead much more due to high we should keep this it realiable...
My strongest Skill
Routing protocol:
5:-Switching technology
6:-TCP/IP knowledge
7:-MPLS(presently am working with this technology)
Making job easier
My self knowledge & my dedication about My job.
My willing power to learn More & More in this field these all attributes makes my job easier in my organization & work properly apart from that Support of My Team Member & also one More Quality.
My advice
First of all Mind clarity.this is a big challenge in today's scenario. after the graduation all buddy want to get the job but still Mostly Guys don't Know that in which field they want to do Job.
he is best in which profession or Skill so first of all we should Know about our favorite skill.we should clear that in which field we can do our will make easy to our Carrier path & if our job is according to our profession then we can do it with highly dedication & happiness.if I talk about My field then the First thing is which is mandatory that is study.we should start Study of basic Knowledge of Networking,all Kind of protocol & then Start lab practice to Understand the concept of these protocol that how it is work? when our concept will be clear about protocol & Technology then start the carrier with Live network scenario & implement your skill there & improve our lab practice with Live scenario...
Books recommended
there is Many Books In the Market regarding Networking But i always prefeare Cisco book For any kind of protocol. it will be easy to understand the concept & lab scenario example clear our concept to much easy....
all cisco Book is benefacil for study of networking concept...
Being different
each & every man play an important role to make our society.
doctor ,Engineer,Scientist, police force,Army & many other field Profession all are responciale to make our country healthy & wealthy.
An engineer is man who have the power of thinking different. who's analysis power is strong & who always think about something new invention...
Family Background
as I already share My family background in 1st Question.
i was born on 13/07/89 at My Home Town baikunthpur Distt:-Rewa(M.P.)
My father name is Mr. J.P.Gupta.He is a business mother name is Urmila Gupta.she is House wife.i Really Love to much too My parents...
i proud on me that they are My parents.I have 8 Sibling(5 elder Brother & 1 young Brother & 1 elder sister)...
Company and job profile
My name is name is combination of two word Rama+kant. rama is name of Lord laxmi & kant is represent to Husband so if i cominate these two word then the meaning of my name is Laxmi+husband= Lord narayan( God Vishnu).I really love to my was born on 13/07/89 at My home Town baiKunthpur Distt:- rewa (M.P.)
My father name is Mr. J.p.Gupta.he is Business man & My Mother name is urmila Gupta.she is House wife.i have 8 Sibling (5 Eledr & 1 younger Brother & 1 elder sister).i really love 2 Much too My family .we are belong from middle family.there is alot of love for each member in my family.we love to each other 2 much.
after my graduation(B.E.) I start My carrier with silicon Netsol PVT. LTD as a network Engineer & presentaly i m working with Huawei telecommunication PVT. LTD. as a MPLS engineer(off role).am really enjoying with my job & i want to give my best to network Industries.
i want to do something different for My country so that my parent proud on me...
Goals and Ambitions
My Goal:i want to became a success man & i want to do something for our country.i want to expand My father name in this world so that they proud on will be great achievement of my life if am success to fulfill my this dream....
as for as My carrier is concern so i m Really focus Now days for My carrier growth...
My achievement
My great achievement of My life is my really luck that i born in this family...
My important career decision
My great decision is MY study for My networking course.
I really like My enjoying with my profession...
Managing professional as well as personal life
I manage it By individual Time Management.
I work only in my office Time & after that My all time is For My personal life so am happy with my time management...
My role model
My Cousin Elder Brother :Mr. Ajay Gupta i really inspire with him. he is My Idol & i love him to Much...Presently he is working with Alstom at Allahabad as Ass. manager...
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