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Ram Kumar
Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar

Product manager - International Marketing

Til healthcare


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My family background
my Father - Retired, Mom - House wife, Elder Brother - Programmer in Cognizant technology solutions. Younger sister - Software Engineer in HCL technologies.
Motivating team members
Employees' three most important issues are respect, a sense of accomplishment, recognition.
Taking these into consideration, Tell them what challenges are currently being faced (they may have suggestions). It is also important that you give them feedback on their performance. If having a concern with a specific component, tell them and give them the opportunity to correct their behavior. And when they are involved, they buy-in faster and resist less. This can implement the change(s) more quickly and easily.
Moreover If you want your team to treat each other with and dignity, you need to set the tone. As a leader, your team looks to you for direction and guidance.
Essential qualification required
B.pharma / M. pharma with or without MBA
Education system in India
The Education is a must for a nation progress irrespective of other problems prevailing in that country. Education has the power to revamp the whole system or irregularities or any gross root problems like food, clothing and shelter; three basic needs since the dawn of civilization. In India many technical courses like engineering, pharmacy, management, architecture, town planning etc. are being run under the aegis of various controlling bodies. Pharmaceutical sciences is one of the most important branches dealing with medicines and thus with the health of a nation. At present courses like diploma, degree, post-graduation and recently launched Pharm. D. and five year integrated MBA (with pharma) are in force in country. Still there are some lacunae in these curricula which is reflected by the unemployed people after doing these courses.
Effect of sales on an organization
In any organization, sales is the department that generates revenue. No matter how good your manufacturing operation is, how cutting-edge your technology is, how tight your financial goals are or how progressive and forward-thinking your management techniques are, you must still have a sales mechanism in place, or everything else is useless.
Current Job description
• Skillfully handling products like Anti Ulcerants, Calcium Supplement, Amino acid supplement, Multivitamin, expectorant, Amino acid infusion, GI Lavage, Pre & Probiotic, Anti infectives, Iron supplement, Bronchodilator, Anti allergic, Anti inflammatory.
• Meticulously collected the supportive documents for promoting the product from medical journal sites and coordinating with the research and development department regarding the new products.
• Assess market trend and evolve strategies for existing products to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and analyzing emerging trends and market data to identify new molecules.
• Making fact-based decisions regarding marketing strategy to develop the product as a brand while designing effective and cost-efficient implementation programs based on Customer Analysis, & Competitive Analysis.
• Conducting detailed market survey and feasibility study to analyze the latest market trends and track the competitor’s activities thereby provide valu
Becoming good marketing professionals
The transformation from sales to marketing will not take place overnight. It will be a journey, but one best made with a strategic view of the end game. Making change stick typically requires both planning and action—centering change on a powerful aspiration, modifying mind-sets, conducting targeted skill-building efforts. They will succeed in their carrier only if, they have the potential to deliver and sustain results in the chosen field i.e. marketing.
Developing a country
Make no mistake, the aspirations of ours to become a Superpower or even a developed nation is quite a lofty one, considering the present scenario of us as a people, more than that of as a nation. That is because there are many things that constitute a how a developed nation should be, and brain drain is just one of them. Brain drain can occur when scientists, engineers, or other intellectual elites migrate to a more developed country to learn, perform, research, or gain working experience in areas where education and employment opportunities are limited in INDIA.
In the past, many of the professional immigrants from developing countries chose to work and live permanently in developed countries band the difficulty of attaining long-term work visas - has caused many of the immigrants to return home. Now these professionals return to INDIA after several years of experience to start a related business or work for multi-nationals. Reverse brain drain to become a developed nation. INDIA
Importance of brand image
In one sense, perhaps the most important sense, a brand is a promise. It’s what people perceive, feel and believe about the organization or person that embodies its message. A brand is also a vehicle for creating trust with stakeholders, customers, consumers etc. Think of some top brands and you immediately know what they promise: McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Apple etc. It’s important to distinguish between brand identity (internal perception and aspiration of the brand) and brand image (external perception).
Brand image, which is held in the minds of the brand’s audience, is the result of many individual associations and experiences. It is often the disconnect between brand identity and brand image that causes a decline in brand trust as well as in the organization.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
Regardless of industry, the timing of the right sales pitch at the right time will move a customer towards the desired action. Of course, this is over simplified, but true. Web sites are in effective, passive. They provide an interactive experience, with existing, pre-written content. Conversion is improved by writing good content, by writing detailed content, but regardless, it is still passive. By taking a more proactive, adaptive approach, online sales progress can be made better.
Essential skills
Brand Management, Strategic Planning, Corporate Communication, Budgeting, Key Account Management, Team Management, Resource Management, Ideation, Product Development, Media Planning, Marketing Communication, Inventory Management, Revenue Growth and Profitability, New Product Launch, Market Penetration, Retail & Wholesale Management, Training & Development.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Develop your skills which i have mentioned earlier and groom yourself according to the need of the market
Upcoming Trends
I think product managers will find their role become increasingly more customer centric. It won’t be possible to “stay in the office” and “work on market requirements”. There seems to be increasing board awareness of the role of product management and I think this will continue. But product managers must work hard to ensure that the rest of the business they operate in understands what it is they should do and what they should not do. This is necessary to help product managers focus on the strategic work rather than get bogged down in operational or tactical tasks. Product managers in are already navigators and facilitators – working with customers directly, as well as their colleagues in sales, operations, engineering, marketing and customer service. But as we see increasing globalisation, more openness within organisations and power shifting to the customer, product managers will have to step up and take responsibility for the entire experience.
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