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Ask Raja Singh for Advice
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Raja Singh
Raja Singh

Raja Singh

Software Programmer


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My Father is a business man having a combined Travels business with my Uncle, besides that he also has rental income as well. My mother is working as Chief Section Supervisor at MTNL, New Delhi. I have as elder brother,he resides in Sydney, Australia. He has his profession in Hospitality & Managemet
Degrees That Matter
i recomend- Sun Java certification
Areas for the Future
Webservices, SOA, Datamart, Security/Cryptography
Most Important Lessons
1- Always be on time to office and never worry about the leaving time.
2- Always focus on your work, give more time to do work correctly rather than spending time on corrections.
3- Make friends in office, always be the first one to say "Hi".
Plans for the Future
I see my self as a Team Lead, with strong technical skills and an emerging manager inside me.
Comparison With Other Language
1- Java more secure than other languages.
2- Java is platform independent.
3- Java has Object oriented methodology and other great capabilities and features.
4- JVM is supplied totally for free of cost.
Current Role
I main role is onto the development(Coding) of the project and handlin the database. My role also extends to the design part of the modules and also have a part in the requirment gathering and making test cases. Apart from that I have telecons with the client about the new client request.
Work Life Balance
I personally feel that Work and Life should run in parellel, one should be working hard to attain the goals of the professional life. But family is the main part of our life. we earn for our families. work tensiona and pressure should not effect aur family and relationships, maitain a balance b/w em
Most Important Career Decisions
choosing enngineerig as my Graduation course was the most tough decision that i could have made, after that leaving Merchant Navy(got selected at campus) was the next most tough point. i started my career with a PR agency and then moved to an IT company. And now I feel I have made the right decision
Scope Of Java
Java has got a lot of potential to develop and grow in many areas. For existing areas like desktop applications and enterprise applications there are chances for Java to gain better role. Also it has got to grow in new areas of embedded applications in future.
Role Model
It's not realistic to have "role models" No one is truly perfect and everyone has the ability to make a major mistake. After all, we are only human.
It's better to realize you admire certain characteristics and personality traits and make them your own.
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