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Ask Pushpesh Naik for Advice
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Pushpesh Naik
Pushpesh Naik

Pushpesh Naik

Engineering Reliability and Maintenance Advisor

Chevron Wheatstone Australia

Qualities needed to become a successful leader
For this answer I just look at Ratan Tata. His high Emotional intelligence & Grace sets example of a great leader. A good leader Should walk the talk, exhibit by doing things himself rather than just ordering, engage with workforce, evaluate potential of team members , encourage & Inspire them all the time. Humility is secret to long term leadership. Ratan Tata is a very wise man with ocean of wisdom. And we should agree that wisdom begins with humility. Courage, Charisma, Character, Vision and Humility are qualities of a Great leader. is it possible to develop all of these qualities in potential leaders??
As a seriously long time big fan of Steve Jobs he most certainly did express Humility. I am not sure if you are familiar with his brilliant autobiography- if so, you must be aware of how humble he was admitting to his co-workers when he was unsure about things, and asking their advice- and soon- In fact one of the many things I have learned from Steve Jobs.
Ensuring success
. I too believe success is a journey and not destination. I don’t want to get complacent with success. I studied primary through a single room Marathi medium school where all classes were conducted simultaneously. 5-6 students in each class. Then joined secondary school where we had 10-15 % board exam success rate. High secondary I got into top science Jr college of Goa. This transition also saw inclined graph in competition. And today I am competing with professionals who come from world’s premier schools & colleges. ( from US, Canada , Europe, Uk etc.) I don’t think better schools or colleges make you better in your profession. It’s your own appetite level that makes difference. I always focused on fundamentals. I asked lots of questions to my Teachers.
I am always hungry for knowledge. I always try to update my knowledge in my field and stay in tune with technology.. I try to learn new things and love to share ideas with other engineers.We learn better by sharing.
Brief description about me
Pushpesh is a well-known Reliability consultant in the Australian continent and he has proven his credibility and legacy he brought to Australian industry in a very short time.
Pushpesh Naik is an highly experience Reliability and Maintenance Consultant with over 12 years of experience in a wide variety of Reliability Engineering roles and industries which include Merchant Navy, Oil and Gas, Mining , Mineral Processing, Manufacturing and Marine Engineering.
Pushpesh Naik is sole director of Krishagni solutions Australia Pty Ltd. He is also active member of Toastmaster’s Club training new members with leadership skills. He is actively helping new Indian migrants with voluntary job counseling and expert advise.
Pushpesh Naik is presently working on one of the world’s most prestigious LNG project for World’s energy leader, Chevron. He is single handedly designing and carrying out Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis and strategies for the Upstream Plant.
Couple of years from now
. I would like to establish myself as a leader in Engineering Asset management advisor in the whole world. In next couple of years I would like to spread my wings across continents. In the backstage I Am working on a project to help needy Indian children from poor background to get exposure and education and things they are deprived off at the moment.
I grew up in a small village with limited exposure to technical advancement and studied from an average school. But that didn’t stop me from achieving the dream I dreamt. I want to pass that message to those children coming from poor socio economic background & encourage them to work on those dreams. Think Big ! Dream Big ! Believe in that thinking and dream ! Achieve that dream.
Influenced by
. My grandparents inspired me to always compete against myself rather than with others. That helped me to rise levels and dodged complacency from engulfing me. They implanted high ethical values in me and made me a better human being. My grandfather taught me to be very punctual and to respect law all the time. They taught me to respect and value human beings and nature rather than wealth. My granny implanted humility in me. They had high expectations from me but they never pressurized me rather made me believe I can fly. These factors made me a creative & innovative Engineer with strong fundamentals. Sadly in India recruitment process is driven by credentials rather than creativity & competency.
My achievements
I have successfully delivered major reliability projects for World's top companies like Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton , Newmont Gold Corporation , Chevron and Sydney water to name a few. I have designed methodology for criticality analysis, Plant downtime analysis, Failure analysis ,Shutdown analysis, critical spares analysis , RCM analysis etc. which are being extensively used by these companies to save millions of dollars.
This journey has taken me to more than 50 countries and experience with some of the top companies worldwide.I have carried out projects to save millions of dollars for these world leaders by improving Plant reliability, Safety , Environmental protection and Production techniques.
Degree that I recommend
I did B.E. in Mechanical Engineering , PG Diploma in Marine Technology, PM certification from TAFE (Sydney ) & Masters in Business & Technology (MBT) from Australian School of Business, University of New South Wales.
MBT is a great course which integrates Business & Technology. A master’s program tailor-made for busy managers and professionals in technology driven environments. The MBT provides participants with the intellectual tools to manage and take up leadership roles where business and technology intersect.
My role model
I have more than 1 role model.Firstly, my Granny. To me she is an example of courage, wisdom, confidence and someone whom I could turn to with utmost trust and still get a frank advice and answers to most difficult questions.

Secondly, Mother Teresa. For her kindness, humbleness and devotion. Her wrinkles on her face speaks for itself, years of hard work for a noble cause 881984 huge legacy she left behind.

Finally my Parents.They a kept for the last because of their beautiful character of helping others without any expectations.They never cared for wealth nor believed in getting wealthier.It’s a rarest thing I have seen in this world and I am proud that my Parents had this jewel in their crown 881984 thank god I could inherit those precious qualities.I learnt from them to be spiritual rather than religious.

All of them have taught me to be simple but still pursue BIG dreams in life with love,determination 881984 pure heart.Life is beautiful if we know how to be beautiful inside.
My strongest skill
Passion is my best attribute. Without passion it is not possible to ideally perform your job. I have a desire to help others and develop as a professional. This desire will be the driving force behind success. I have always learned if I am going to do something, I should put my greatest effort into it.I strive for perfection in whatever I do. I never give up on toughest problems and I believe I can get over most difficult hurdles. I have developed resilience with failures and I believe every failure makes you more stronger and more courageous.
I have learnt to be distinctly different from others, Dream with daring, know my goals, Make accurate decisions, deliver on time and recharge after a fall.
Important decision
Most important decision was to change from Computer to Mechanical Engineering after first year in Engineering. I didn’t let general craze override my sincere liking for mechanical engineering
I feel you dont need a specialised degree to get into computers. Most of the highly successful computer professionals come from areas of study other than computers.
Initiative to develop a country
First of all we need to get rid of rambling corruption. How we can do it is a big question mark. People with clear images seldom win elections cause devils outnumber Saints. Education & eradicating poverty should be the first step. Professionals can lead that drive. They can create that energy required for a change. Professionals need to lead that movement. Major section of Indian population is led by devils who will only damage India more. I desperately want to come back to India ASAP and do my duty as a responsible citizen. Although eligible for Australian citizenship I am a patriotic Indian & I didn’t want to give up my Indian citizenship like most other people do. I came here with a promise to my motherland that I will be back with enough energy that can make a difference to India & Indian economy. It’s a good opportunity to learn from people who built so many developed countries and return with that legacy to help India.
Important lesson learned
There are many things that we learned from life. Many of those things are not taught in schools or universities.

The lessons you've learned in life have a great influence in building your character

Most important lesson being ” There is no free lunch “
Lies only exist if we believe in them ( Don’t let people fool you) , Being kind is more important than being right (key to happiness) , Cherish those that you love, you never know if you’ll see them again (Specially older people)

I might not be able to change my circumstances in life, but I can certainly change my attitude.I have no way of controlling what others say and do, I can only control my reaction.People need to feel loved. Show others you love and respect them always.
My family background
Grandfather (Paternal) was known for his knowledge of Portuguese laws. He was Solicitor and registrar of the Court. He was also stage actor.
Grandmother (Paternal) was known for her knowledge of Agriculture, cooking and childcare.
Grandfather (Maternal) was freedom fighter (Goa's Freedom struggle)
Grandmother (Maternal) housewife.
Father - He is educationalist, writer, Good speaker and social worker
Mother - She is retired primary headmistress.
I got one elder brother & a sister. They are both married & have excelled in their chosen field.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
In India we have Exam system not Education system.

Strictly speaking it is not profession oriented. It has no harmonious relation, between theory and practicals. Education system should be such it should be aimed to achieve different skills which are needed in different professions and trades as per aptitudes of the students should be the objectives of the education. while selecting the students, Aptitude should be the main criteria.

We have people who are highly qualified but not educated. And most of the times jack of many trades and master of none.
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