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Ask Puneet Rathore for Advice
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Puneet Rathore
Puneet Rathore

Puneet Rathore

System Administrator

IPS India Pvt Ltd.

Career Profile:
I am responsible to configure and manage cross country site connectivity on IPsec VPNs, AS2 Protocols and Data transfers on either FTP, HTTP, HTTPS etc.

The communication links includes Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls and i configure them to handle many different sites with a team.
Other Thoughts:
A working professional spends most of his life in work place. Choose what you love to do or start loving your work. If you do so, It will be fun to spend the whole day at your office.
Family Background
My Father is a businessman and mother spent 16 years of her life in Education field. She started her career as a Teacher and for the last 6 years of her professional life she was managing a school as a Principle.
Out of my two elder sisters, one is running a fashion boutique.
Role Model:
Its a long list. I never met someone who i don't like. I learn something from everyone. Its like i either learn what to do from their success or what not to do from their failures.
I like Sachin for one thing he teaches all of us, 'How to digest success.'
Growth Strategy:
Never stop learning. Being in IT field, it never stops introducing new technologies. I never considered it as 'I have lots of work' but i indeed took it as 'I have so much to learn'. I did MCSE, CCNA, CCNP and i also work as a Delphi, Dot net developer and Perl, Python Programmer. It always helps !
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I am 24 with two years of work experience and i have a team of three people to manage.
I won't say i am so capable to handle such a responsibility easily but when i am in workplace, i work with the same dedication and focus as i play CS, as i read 2 states and as i watch India vs Pakistan match.
Advice For New Professionals:
Go to your office to actually work and not just to earn. Stay Away from Politics and focus on your work, what you are employed for.
As I said before, Love your work, it will then be the most exciting thing you do for the day.
Plans For The Future:
Working as an IT professional, I see this field as a good platform, that can soon make you reach the heights of your professional career. I keep myself involved in updating with the new technologies and try hands on experience as much as possible. I see my self as an IT Consultant in next 10 years.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Its changing everyday. We migrated from basic switches to web managed switches, event viewer to log servers, basic dot net technologies to WCF etc.
That is not just limited to devices and services, work environment too has changed a lot. Employees now have new ideas and not just the syntax notes.
Required Reading:
Their are few good books for all the technologies like Java, Database etc. 'The complete reference'. Out of all the websites, i like the most. You can always google the requirement and you will surely many useful links.
You can also have a look on my website.
Done Differently:
I studied college to score marks but if i get a chance to start all over again, i will go back to my college and Learn the concepts to implement in real life, not just to write in exams.
When it comes to professional life, i am happy and satisfied with my start.
The Decisions That Matter
This was important. I wanted to do the work that i like and i am confident in, not the work the company offers me. At the beginning of my career i had two offers to join either CTS as a testing professional or join e4e as a SEP M support engineer. I took e4e and after 2 months joined IPS.
Working Life Management:
In present era where we have five days week and nine hours working schedule on weekdays it is not that difficult to manage personal life. I schedule all my personal work on weekend mornings so that i have the whole day to spent with my family.
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