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Pune Essn
Pune Essn

Pune Essn


M/s Renold Chain India Pvt Ltd

Brief description about me
I am Narasimhan, basically from the southern part of this great country. From Tamilnadu, a mechanical engineer by qualification and also by profession From the family of teachers. Many in my family are teachers and my father is a teacher too.
My role model
A role model? there are many inspirations in my life and from many varied areas, I remember my 8th standard teacher who teaches in one session full of stories. English grammar and opened the door of outside world, the man who infused the interest and importance of reading.
Influenced by
My Mother, the one who had the strongest belief that I will shine in my studies, never questioned me what I am reading and why I am not reading. She gave me the freedom to do things in my own way and at the same time simply made me responsible for all my actions.
Ensuring success
The one who never updates and grow along with the time ceases to exist, the only to know and learn adaptability is keep renewing the knowledge base and that is what I am doing and will continue to do.
Initiative to develop a country
Save my country,i can only quote from Gurudev Tagore."Strike Strike at the root of penury in my Heart". once the poverty in our heart goes we all will see that our country rises.
My family background
A loving wife who encourages me to keep going in my studies and sweet two lovely kids, makes this life a heaven.
Degree that I recommend
with the basic fundamentals the hands on experience is the most of important certification for my career.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Basic definition of leadership is to create more leaders and he alone is the true successful leader who eliminates himself from the system and creates another one to replace him!
My achievements
Can anyone forget their first achievement in their life ? Can I forget the day when I was called and asked to stand in the podium for scoring first mark in my SSLC exam in my school, A Lovely moments.
Important decision
The most important decision is take a decision when it you required to take a decision. The decision to marry my girl next door when so much opposition coming is the most important decision in my life and I cherish that.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I remember the small story by Tagore. Animal school, we need to focus more on the individual requirement in educating rather than giving one common solution. The importance given to individuals need more attention.
Important lesson learned
Be Bold! Be courageous enough to stand up against all odds in your life. It is your life and Fortune Favors the Bold
Couple of years from now
I see and envision myself as a man who give at least few to this society by the way of educating people, an Educator in me is eagerly waiting for that opportunity.
My strongest skill
A mechanical engineer with strong basics in my trade...with a never give up attitude.I am a fighter to the core, a Rebel !
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