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Priya Mayekar
Priya Mayekar

Priya Mayekar


WNS Global Services


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First Job Expectation
Healthy Environment.
View s for better India
well as Indians,we have perseverance & enduring qualities,which will help
us building a strong nation,who are ready to strive for a better India,with
a zeal to exceed to acheive the goal,to succeed,in whatever task we undertake to accomplish!
Challenges facing by students
proper guidance,is needed,as there are many paths,to reach the destination,but you need the right direction,to reach your goal& fulfill your it!
Family Background
well i come from a simple family,who believes in simplicity,high thinking,perseverance & honesty.
Also caring & loving all.
Time Management
time management is the key to a successful career in life!
one as to keep upgrading one's knowledge,to face more opportunities in IT-sector.

so acquiring knowledge is the top priority when scheduling one's time!
Favorite Books and Articles
Mother by Maxim Gorky,an excellent book on mother,well it tells all about,how a mother sacrifices her life for the youth,so that they can dream
about a better future & excel for their values & goals in life!
It is a marvelous book on what a personality GOD has created called as MOTHER!
Most proud accomplishment
well getting this opportunity,of speaking about my views & sharing them with all the YOUTH of India!
Thanks for giving me this opportunity!
Most flourishing college experience
i was doing my practicals,& was in a situation,that i couldn't remember the
ans,but in the last 10 minutes tried very hard,& was through with it!
Favorite subject
Oracle DBA is my strongest subject, well fallen in love with Oracle 10g!
My uniqueness
keep on smiling,& have faith in oneself & GOD!
In hard-times,GOD tries you,so that you will fight back & achieve your goal.
About Myself
well a down to earth person,who loves mother-nature very much.

believes in human-values & principles in life.

Respect Teachers,Elders,who are always there to GUIDE you.

plz save the trees,grow more trees,love your India.

Respect other's feelings & love all HUMAN-BEINGS,created by the same GOD,called by different names!
Spare time activities
Gourmet cooking,
listening Indian classical music & western pop music ABBA.
Reading Swami Vivekananda books like Bhakti-yoga,Karma-yoga & Jnana yoga.
Additional information
Hey enjoy the small moments of life,for life is very short,love everybody,we all are one only,explore more of nature,feel its beauty& thanks GOD for each day,& respect elders,who show you the PATH!
Career Expectations
well there is an tremendous change in the IT-sector,earlier we only had
Windows operating System,well as now we have Linux open source operating
system,Android & many others,so many more yet to come!
Most influenced factor
Swami Vivekananda is my idol,who influenced me a lot!
as i feel personally,YOUTH,is power,& power is India,that's what swami

Vivekananda had dream t about Bharat,which is the country to lead the world
in the IT-field!
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