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Pratik Suryakant Tamakuwala
Pratik Suryakant Tamakuwala

Pratik Suryakant Tamakuwala

AGC Networks Ltd.


Pratik Suryakant Tamakuwala is a member of:

Family Background
I belong to city Nandurbar from Maharashtra. I belong to Gujarati Business family.
My father is having tea merchant/business & my mother is housewife.
Managing professional as well as personal life
I am thank-full to God that, i am blessed with very supportive and understanding Wife. :) My family and wife have been my best support all this years. Its always priority to keep family first as well to be that much productive and competitive in the professional life.
I believe that, there is always family support required to be good & productive in the profession.
There is always a thin line have to draw and follow between personal & professional life.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
We are lacking R & D sector in our country. Also, exposure to the raw talent is also very limited. We are good followers and not good innovators due to this reason.
Major companies in India are Running because there work-operation are cheaper in India. There R&D work is still kept in their native nations only, due to company & govt. policy. Indian companies are still not in state to invest heavily in R&D , as the western companies like Microsoft/Intel/Apple/Samsung etc. does in their R&D. Hence Indian companies are playing safe with operations with the developed/innovated technology from west.
Such environment needs to create where, Indian companies will believe in innovation & will invest in R&D. For this , govt. & technical universities will have a major role to provide such a innovative-practical brains instead of only book/formula following followers.
Courses in the university should be revised real-time/yearly updated with the latest practicals.
This is what i think...
Company and job profile
I had completed my B.E. from E&TC in Year-2009.Since i had done my graduation with specialization in Electronics & Telecom, i wanted to work in the same domain, where i can work in the field of my graduation. Since the telecom industry was emerging strong year by year , i was keen to know much about the industry and its scope.
I had to wait for 6 months to search the relevant profile and joined Avaya Global Connect. Avaya is Original Equipment Mfg for Telecom industry with no. of patents on the name of the company. It is major player in Unified Communication & CC industry.
My present job profile is Engineer-Support service for West India. I am providing service-support to no. of clients i.e. call centers, banking, software sectors etc.
I am responsible to support them in handling and manage their entire telecom system with minimum downtime, to help in expansion, to conduct regular Audits to keep system healthy & on latest platform and fulfilling all the required govt. rules.
Books recommended
Signalling & Systems and Networking books are help-full. Apart from this, the EPBX manufacture has their own developed solution, designing & installation guides, Which is help-full to learn and grow.
My strongest Skill
Communication, to understand the problem/challenge & think ahead to resolve the challenge, analytical skill, strategy making, disaster management etc..
My role model
Everything around me inspires me in my daily life towards my goal.
I believe that, though nobody is perfect, but everybody has something to learn. Keeping ourselves in a box is like creating a obstacle towards the open eye. Hence i don`t believe in a single Role model.
Gandhiji for peace & truth , Swami Vivekanand for strong thoughts & character, Bill gates & Steve Jobs for thinking out-of-box to innovate a completely new technology & business streams.
and so on..
Challenges faced in job
i have to communicate regularly with customer, to know and work on their challenges & expectations. To handle them professionally as well as with positive note. Some times, technically things get delays or are not achieved , in such a situation we have to keep the communication clear.
Revenue generation, service review, customer satisfaction and to provide service, all this things i have to manage and provide with utmost attention is the real challenge of my work.
It is giving me to the scope to know much better about telecommunication sector`s future requirement & expectation, as well as helping me to understand the customer and handle them.
Making job easier
To understand the Scope of work, plan of action and goal setting.
Goals and Ambitions
To learn more about the products & technology and expertise in it technically.Want to parallel way work in management.
My achievement
Its the self belief.
I believe that, though sometime things are not achieved or turn according to plan, our belief keeps driving us and inspire us for the rest of the time.
Hence Self Belief is my valuable achievement.
Being different
Engineers are responsible to provide the newer technology/innovation to the world.
Current Trends
Introduction of Cloud Technology will be huge scope for next decade at-least. This is having huge scope, in whatever field one can imagine. Either
be it storage or networking, or hardware servers or telecommunication, or software/application development.
Introduction of faster telecommunication i.e. internet with huge bandwidth is playing major role in development-scope of the product.
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