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Advice Request
Prashant Rao
Prashant Rao

Prashant Rao

Software Product Consultant



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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My father is a retired Central Govt. (Railway) employee. My mother is an housewife. I am the eldest son in my family. My parents stay in Bangalore. I have one younger Brother. He is at present in Saudi. I got married in 2005. My wife is an housewife. My son is 5 years old. We are staying in Pune.
Required Reading
Earlier i worked in Banking domain for more than 6 months. Then since 2004 Dec, I had been working in PLM domain. I had worked in Development, Implementation, support at Customer end. Even i was involved in QA & Testing.
Websites for QA:- 1) 2) http://www.stickyminds
Areas for the Future
performance testing, security testing, database testing / database tuning, localization testing, product domain knowledge
Degrees that Matter
The Certified Tester Professional certification program can provide focused career training, skill development essential to handling the most complex software projects, and for working professionals. The Certified Software Tester Program (CST) & The Certified Software Test Analyst Program (CSTA).
Current and Previous Responsibilities
Earlier i had worked as a developer & implementer & consultant supporting customers, suggesting & providing solutions to them. At present i am working in the development in TCRA (Reporting) - Java and developing reports based on customer needs. I have got more of functional flair in PLM domain.
Essential Advice
Since i am not a QA, So, I can't advice much. But if you want to start a career in testing, get some knowledge on Automated testing, learn perl scripts, get some programming knowledge (not much) and know all the valid cases which can be possible for any problem or any scenario.
Points of inflection
I started my career as a lecturer and then got the opportunity in the software in June 2004 which was my first turning point. The second turning point came in when i was working as a developer in the Product company in Pune and got the chance to work in Japan at the customer end.
Parting thoughts
I started my career as a Teacher. I taught Computer Sc. for all Classes in MEC High School in Bangalore, CS for Intermediate in Precidency college and then Statistics & CS for MBA, MCA, BCA, Msc (Bio-tech) in Dayanada Sagar college, Bangalore. Earlier as well when i was in BSc & MCA, taught Maths.
Most Important Decisions
Switching from Teaching to Software and then to PLM domain. Also during my studies I tried for BE but got seat for Diploma. Then i decided to opt for BSc & MCA. Also during the time i was trying for MCA entrance, i did my MSc ( Match) previous.
The Journey So Far
Started my career in teaching as my father got retired before i started my job. Then shifted to software and got from Banking domain to PLM. I worked in development, implementation & support. Now looking for a managerial role in the future.
Currently working at
I had earlier worked in Dev/Cust of Tc Enterprise and support & Admin of Teamcenter. At present i am working as a Software Product Consultant. I am working in the development/customization of reports using TCRA - Teamcenter reporting. My role involves understanding requirement, implementing, support
Most Important Lessons
I learnt how to deal with complex scenarios.Learnt to know the customer,understand their requirements well and to act in accordance. I am free to share the knowledge with everyone and i feel this will enhance my skills. Functional knowledge of Teamcenter Enterprise, Unified, Tc Project, TCRA & CAD.
Plans for the Future
I would like to go up to take the managerial post and then would like to become a director. When i was in college, i was having the aim to take the top post in an organization recruit people, provide jobs, share the knowledge, develop something new, create a professional ENV in that ORG.
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