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Prashant Nanda
Prashant Nanda

Prashant Nanda


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Contribution to the field
my motivation for the manpower, to divert or motivate to get knowledgeable, power full and practically managerial work. and i m succeed.
Degrees That Matter:
No, but my knowledge and expansion is Degrees and more for my life but in official and for more opportunities we have to must require this particular formation
Advice For New Professionals:
Action with self decision is more powerful tools for professionals rather then waiting for opportunities.
Plans For The Future:
i aiming at new collaboration with healthcare people in the world who wants to present the new innovation in Health care and i want to present the world people indirectly with leaner meaner with corporate.
The Decisions That Matter
Making knowledgeable, Powerful, corporate and workaholic manpower who innovate the india as SPOWER.
The Journey So Far:
i start my business leaner meaner in 2004 after my fathers death. my involvement start in 2007 with construction. now i am investing in ventures, financial involvement with many companies, who is thrusting for capital involvement.
Career Profile:
as per involvement in financial and ventures, i have the desk where i can call the both, who investor as well as seeking capital for his corporation
Professional Strengths:
i have the action, who reach me at my skills which give me succeed in my professionalism
Family Background
i am from middle class family from Gujarat but as business mind and corporate relation from IT, i upgrade me to do action , which i want to achieve in my life and i am doing now...
Growth Strategy:
just getting knowledge n knowledge, acquiring power from power full leaders, framing system to do action and getting growth and developing my criteria.
Job Profile:
as in the criteria i am IT Person but in this new relation i find the new role as mediator or organizer for both to final the deal.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Truth, Correspondence with to or do action is Accomplishment in any work.
Required Reading:
i am unaware of any sites, books and publication but recommendation is that provide service but make action as business mind to provide service.
Working Life Management:
there is no time and system to manage work in my life...but when opportunities comes i have no time to do any other then opportunities.
Other Thoughts:
i want to do one work force which working for self as personal but doing knowledgeable, powerful and self decision to get real result. mass involvement to do succeed the dreams. and dream is truth.
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B.Tech Graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
PG Scholar
Angel college of Engineering and Technology, Tirupur
Development Professional
pushpanjali Hospital
I study for MINUTES and take a break for HOURS
I study for MINUTES and take a break for HOURS