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Prakash Deshmukh
Prakash Deshmukh

Prakash Deshmukh



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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I am from small village where most of the people strougle for every day affairs & middle class educated family. I have also trougle to complete my education in various institutes. The primary business of my family is farming however my father retired as a teacher and leaving in the village.
Done Differently:
If I would have not been in Mumbai for my career after getting my Engineering Dgree then definitely I would have entered in local politics and would have tried to improve life of people of my town and Taluka. I am still interested in politics if I get a good break to do so.
The Decisions That Matter
I don't believe at my level any one get a chance to take his own decision. Most of the time career of most of the people is driven by the situation at home and or office, at least in India. But still I would say It was my bold decision to door to door of company in search of my first JOB in Mumbai.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
I don't think there is drastic change but yes in IT software field employee started working in shift and some times 20 hours a day which, I think, is dangerous for their life and I would called this a human right issue. Human right should give attention to this issue, this would increase employment.
Growth Strategy:
other than office hours I am engaged in social activities and do strougle to get the things right for common man other than my self. I also do little work of Right to Information act and try to educate people to understand their human/basic rights which is a quite difficult task.
Role Model:
For simplicity Mahatma Gandhiji, Good Manners - Amitabh Bachchan, Politics Mr. Pawar, Yoga Sree Ramdev Baba, creating wealth for aam adami Dhirubai Ambani,Decision Making Indira Gandhi.
Advice For New Professionals:
Manage Time as well as Timing both are important and save the money for bad days, which is part of every body's life. I believe natural rule - night always follow the day and winter follow the summer or vice versa. Also be social where ever it is possible and don't run only after wealth.
Career Profile:
Frankly speaking I don't have job as on today due to restructuring in my previous company where I worked for 15 years who asked me to resign. So now in search of a good opportunity where I can use my 21 years of experience.
Job Profile:
My role was to manage day to day activities using team of engineers, help desk, other teams in the world mostly in US and Singapore. Since Company is into real time business I was responsible to keep the Network- WAN/LAN 100% up and running. Manage the vendor relationship for various support.
Degrees That Matter:
I am Graduate, and also done some courses of Microsoft other than internal training to maintained propitary softwares, applications, Hardwares, Black berry, wireless LAN etc.
Other Thoughts:
Nothing much but I think I am much much better than a average Indian. I used to stay in a society at Thane where I was a first Chairman of the Cooperative Society. Then I sifted to another society in Bhandup, Mumbai - 78 and there also I formed a associaiton of a 7 society of 2200 flats,was chairman
The Journey So Far:
I had joined as a Customer support Engg in CMS computers and served to CITIBANK for 3.5 years then joined Dow Jones for 3 years, 1 years in Indian quotation as a Manager then again joined Dow Jones News wires as System Engg where and was handeling south asia alone for few years b4 getting engineers.
Required Reading:
I would rather request people to read liturature available in mother toung, do not waste much time on social networking sites but keep in touch with near and dear. Minimise the use of natural resources by various means and increase the awareness in family, friends and others.
Working Life Management:
Just manage time and timing and you will certainly have balanced work life.
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