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Pooja Tiwari
Pooja Tiwari

Pooja Tiwari

HR Executive

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Leadership Programs in Place:
360 degree appraisal, self appraisal system , target setting, and team building comes out to be some good leadership development program and the result they have achieved is comes out in terms of more transparacy in companies working style and into building good employee- employer relationship.
HR Strategies In Place
-compensation startegy
-recruitment strategy
-Entry and Exit interview
-How to maintain good employee staff relation
-handling employee grievances
mentioned above are some key strategies in context of HR
Relationship with HR and Top Management
I order to maintain good harmony in the company every department must build in good relationship as each and every dept is interlinked if we erase one of the dept there comes a gap in the working as well, coming to the HR dept and CEO they have to report the CEO regarding all the issues related with their zone.
HR Challenges:
Challenges comes in terms of staff cutting,staff deployment ,
opening a new business in some remote location their culture might not match the current culture of the company,staff adapting and adjusting to new environment.
New technologies can be an hindrance in the buisness working
Compensation benefit can be a major challenge while changing a business in terms of hiring new staff with same work experience and same age grp and offering a high package and ignoring our staff during the pay hike ..
Pain Points:
Salary Hike criteria
Promotions and Transfer
Training and development
How Do You Recruit & Retain the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they Really Ambitious?
To some extent the Gen Y are ambitious but their ambition donot match the job they hae opted for and these comes in between their ambition and the job they are into which results in to a bad performer.During my interview session with Gen Y candidate we have to be very keen and very much specific abt the JD we are offering them and we need to look whether the candidate is bringing up a valid documents and whether his skills and requirement matches our JD .
Recommended Reading
Silicon INDIA
Times OF india,Dainik Bhaskar
Books by tata mc graw hill
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Be a Good listener
Be very much accurate to what you deliver to your staff
Current HR Trends:
Regular Meeting
Employment Engagement Activities
More of Interaction
Training and Development
SKip level Meet with the operational staff
Helping to develop the country
First and the most important thing is our self must be well acknowledged with the profession we have choose to build our carrier,then comes adjustment and understanding of the policies working culture of the organisation we have opted to get a platform to give a materialistic view to the theoretical knowledge,these will take some time but then after a right time a good well knowledgeable and a graduate gradually turned professional can know implement his/her journey of observation into some working like me being and HR Executive started with a small org as an trainee there after a few month of struggling i got to know the roots and the working of the company then started getting involved in the system loop holes eventually came out with a new policy from my theoretical studies.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
BY making them as team leader, promotion and with mutual interaction their transfer to upper grade
Rewards and recognition
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
Work under pressure
Language knowledge
Reliability and validity of their doc
Improving Education system
more of practical knowledge is required and students as well as faculties must not refer n numbers of book from various authors as these are the major problem we as a student used to face during our curriculum,
Parting Thoughts
In this competitive environment what one require is gain self knowledge then only u become a bright stars
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
By making implementing a transparant work policy with removing the political environment more of interaction and more of communication and making good sal structure can attract candidates for the appropriate job with valid job structure.
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