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Phil Polson
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Sales Drive

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Will you do business with someone if they or their business does not have a website?

Will you do business with someone if they or their business does not have a website? My UK business partner Ivor Kellock is conducting further research on the buying habits of people whether as a consumer or as a business buyer. Does it matter to you if your supplier, shop, retailer, professional service, manufacturer, farmer, has a website or not
Changes In The Professional Environment:
As a pioneer & innovator of the sales training,large Public Seminar industry, & the Cruise ship seminar concept over 30 years ago the changes have been significant because of the advent of the internet. The basic skills of selling remain unchanged but the internet has brought new rules & techniques.
The Decisions That Matter
The most important decision was to start out in my own business, learn from my many failures & persist. My best decision was to surround myself with many of the world's leading business & sales authorities who have joined me in my quest to make a difference & leave all we meet in a better position.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
A major oil refinery project, constructed by a consortium of 7 International heavy metal Construction Companies. 6,300 workers on-site at peak, stalled in productivity I was appointed to provide Management consulting and motivation to 550-600 supervisors & foremen. It completed on time & on budget
Role Model:
Dr Norman Vincent Peale the Power of Positive Thinking guru was my greatest influence.

Norman caused me to overcome my somewhat negative down trodden attitude developed as a child. In sales a positive friendly assured approach is essential. Years later I shared a speakers stage & traveled with him.
Growth Strategy:
Now in my early 60's instead of winding down like others my age, I decided to explore the immense possibilities that the Internet affords sales people. After 18 months of non stop long hours I know that it takes way more than just a website & some clever keywords. It is a science that I am loving.
The Journey So Far:
30 yr’s in sales I have had the fortune to be around top sales achievers. I have promoted, learned from, traveled, dined & laughed, shared yarns, and worked with many of the world’s leading sales, management, & motivation gurus. Powerful speakers like Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer.
Degrees That Matter:
Sales skills are best learned from books & other top sales achievers. Sales Theory from Sales trainers isn't enough. “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”
― Confucius
Other Thoughts:
My 3 adult sons, for 25 yrs heard me impart sales tips, success & failures.They are now involved in business. I encapsulated my thoughts & experiences for them in my new book Sales Drive: the definitive no-brainer street smart guide to Sales Stardom. They & other like-minded people can benefit by it
Done Differently:
Not fear failure. I have had a few. You can’t learn unless you make mistakes; that’s life. I may have had a few unintended detractors along the way. Having done my best to resolve issues, if it hasn’t worked,tough. I have done my best. My focus is on making my clients wealthier, that is enriches me
Required Reading:
Norman Vincent Peale-Power of Positive Thinking
Jim Rohn - Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle
Roger Dawson- The Secrets of Power Negotiating.
Zig Ziglar -See You at the Top
Deepak Chopra -The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success
Jason Baudendistel- The Idiots Guide To LinkedIn
My own book Sales Drive
Job Profile:
I love sales & marketing, helping & mentoring others in sales. No theory just real life street smart proven sales skills. “When you need more sales –we drastically improve sales results for you.” We turn ordinary people into extra-ordinary sales achievers. From Corporates to SMB’s or net start-ups.
Working Life Management:
Aside from valued family time around outdoor kitchen/BBQ meals together. My hobbies include: rugby coaching, swimming, hacking at golf, cycling, occasional sailing on my sons boat & watching cricket. I love the mental stimulation of Chess. I also collect classic cars, and enjoy cultivating orchids.
Career Profile:
Responsible for: our website New digital products, discuss & plan social media with my advisers. Upgrading LinkedIn profiles of our selected expert advisory team. Managing our LinkedIn group. Sales Drive, how to be great at sales no matter what you do, networking meets sales
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