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Ask Pal Krish for Advice
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Pal Krish
Pal Krish

Pal Krish


,Tata Consultancy Services


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Challenges faced in job
According to me "Job is part of my life". If no challenges are there, you cannot move on in life /career.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Everyone on this earth has beautiful 86,400/- crores worth sec everyday. According to me 9-6 pm is my job and rest of the time I will invest myself with exercise,Meditation and helping my father in our family business.There is a vertical Allignment in life God-->Family-->Job-->others.. Everyday atleast I spend 10-15 mins myself and talk to myself in my favourite place. This 10-15 mins daily helps me to get motivated and take next steps to my activities.
My advice
I can always advice someone who is starting his first job in my field as follows:
1)Stay focussed.
2)Always "Do what you love" and Love what you do
Books recommended
I always suggest below books to get motivated and stay motivated in any field
1)Call to the Nation--Swami Vivekananda
2)Wings of Fire--Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam
3)Think and Grow rich--Napolean hill;
4)See you at the top--Zigzagler
5)The Secret
Family Background
Provided in Q1
My role model
Vivekananda,Mother Theresa,Abdul Kalam and Gandhiji Non-Voilence.
The reason is all the above role models worked for the Nation and worked for others. If you read Vivekananda Books, you will be free from "FEAR" and do anything in life. If you think about Mother Theresa, you will be feel "service to humanity is service to God" and with Kalam speeches you will focus on your dreams till you achieve. Finally Gandhiji work ethics "Talk less work more", Non voilence inspires me that if you have patience, you can achieve anything is life.
Making job easier
My Environment and my access comfortability with the team I am workoing.
My important career decision
Started as a Developer and moved to a Tester now and will take up Administration activities soon which involves the work with Pepole
My strongest Skill
Strong Team Player and Never give up attitude on anything
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
This question is so diplomatic. Technical talent is 15% and 85% is our Attitude towards any development in our country including tech product. India won the world cup after 28 yrs because 11 players gave their blood for the win on Apr 2nd 2011 and whole India has that purpose. If we take the same case like developing a single tech product is piece of cake for Indian Engineers because we are by birth talented. So many factors and Govt decisions will involve interms of cost and benifits.. But soon we will see this India before 2020 vision
Being different
Explained in previous answers. Just be yourself and start your day fresh
My achievement
The Biggest obstacles for your future achievement is current achievement. If I think I achieved something great in life now means, my progress ceases. Some achievements like my Technical Paper is selected for International conference in 2008, more than 25+ charities along with my friend Prathima...
Company and job profile
I am Gopalakrishna Gadde from Kurnool,Andhrapradesh. I did my graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College(Chairman late-Sri G.PullaReddy Garu--Brand name of sweets in Andhrapradesh) and currently working as I.T.Analyst in Tata Consultancy Services,Hyderabad. Our family occupation is farming and Milk Business. I am an Extrovert and Proactive thinker. My hobbies are dreaming and achieving the GO(p)AL. I like to read Personality dev books and attend success seminars of top enterpreneurs. My aim is to be part of India development with honesty and Integrity with Abdul kalam and Vivekananda speches. Long story short, I have a vision to develop small villages through education and service to the needy. This Goal is in Process now and it will be accomplished by Sep 19th 2017 on my birthday.
I like to learn new things and share the same to others. I believe in "Now or Never" policy so that I will start doing things now irrespect of circumstances.
Goals and Ambitions
One more Young Enterpreneur you can see who will be part of Nation development. My Goals are to provide employment oppurtunity to the needy and making leaders
Current Trends
If you dont change by the change, you will be changed by the change. Especially Technology impacts, Gen-Y progress
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