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Nitin Narayan Gutte
Nitin Narayan Gutte

Nitin Narayan Gutte

Working as a Software Developer at Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions


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Unique Points
I don't give up on my dreams.When i say this, i know what i mean. Till this day i have always dreamed bigger. My father is a normal employee working in post office, i feel proud about that, no doubt. But, i always seen him suffering from the surrounding environment. People always talk some useless things because he was unable to build or purchase his own house. He never traveled with family on vacation. He always had one dream to give best education to me and my brother and sister. he did his job perfectly, he taught me to always dream big.I have taken lot of risks to achieve what i have today. I know still there is lot to achieve,but i know i will.
Spare time activities
I like to read inspirational books which can teach me some important things about life like Bhagvat-Gita. Apart from this i like to spend time with my friends, because i always believe in that "Friends are your best teachers".
I always try to learn something new in spare time.
Knowledge Extension
Well I got my masters in 2012. After that I joined General Motors, where i got amazing knowledge about my technical skills. I learned how to work within a 30-35 member team. how to deal with critical situations.I am still learning lot of technical and non-technical stuff to improve my profile. I always worked on my weak points like coordinating with people. As i did my primary and high school education in Marathi medium, i was always scared of communicating in English. But parallely i always worked on it, to improve.
Dream Job
i want to be a business owner. After gaining good amount of industry experience, i would like to open my own company.
Influenced factor
Well answer to this question, i have few people who always inspired me to achieve something big. My father, mother, brother, sister. There are some people whom i never met even a single time, but yes they have inspired me a lot. people like Mahatma Gandhi, Narayan Murthy,Abdul Kalam.
Career expectations
I see myself at some senior position in industry and as a business owner of my own company.I know it's small time to start a business,but i'm sure i can do that.
About myself
Well My name is Nitin Gutte. I am working as a software engineer at Motorola Solutions,Chicago. I did my masters here in USA from Cleveland state university. I did my bachelors from University of Pune in computer Engineering.I came from a middle class family situated in Latur,Maharashtra. My father is a central government employee working in Indian Postal Department.My mother is house-wife. I have one younger brother and one sister. I am a big dreamer, i always keep my goals higher.I believe in hard-work, honesty. These are key points i always believe in.
Family Background
I guess i have answered this question in my first question only.
Challenges for first job
Experience is the most important thing companies look for. I know how can a guy in college can get experience. well, there are some ways we can get that like try to get an internship.Or, you can do some extraordinary projects which can impress the industry people.Second thing, in India people only check how you perform on paper, which is i guess not always correct.
Additional comment
Well I am really thankful to siliconINDIA for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts. I wish all the best for future of this great e-magazine. I have always followed this magazine.
Memorable Achievements
Talking about achievements there are lots of small achievements.but i will mention only bigger one. First i earned so many good friends in my college life and i really feel proud about that. You will say how is this an achievement? well, my friends from college taught me so many life learning lessons which are achievements for me. After my college i had a job in INDIA, but i wanted to do masters and had some big plans for my life. So i came to US which is an achievement for me,because it was very hard to think out of box when your family can not think of those expenses. I came here, worked hard got an internship in Rockwell Automation which is a world known company for automation. I was earning enough to account my daily expenses along with some part of my fees (Other part was covered by education loan). After i got graduated within a month i got a good job in General Motors.
Favorite Subject
Dream Big and work hard, you can achieve whatever you want. My strongest subject is not any technical book. I know those things you can learn by practicing. You should always learn from life rather than book. Because life gives you practical approach instead of theoretical.
I am always focused on my dreams which would be my strongest point. Weakness would be emotions.I always have this weakness in me.
Favorite books/articles
Well non-academic book would be vedas. If you really check vedas, they have amazing stuff which we can not even imagine. i feel i should read all vedas related to science. I'm trying my best. Vedas are really very good source of knowledge.
Considering factors
Work Environment.
Knowledge gain.
Future progress.
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