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Niraj Sharma
Niraj Sharma

Niraj Sharma

Associate Consultant

The HRPractice India Pvt. Ltd.


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Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
To attaract good people in any industry is the biggest challange. Companies can attact good employees using the media tools such as Blogs for information, following on linkedin, Facebook and twitter. One of the most upcoming trend is to get in media as much as possible.
Retaining the best performer is ever more tough job than attracting good employee. We are open to felxible timing, work from home and we demonstrate great employee culture . Every employee know what is expected from them, a transparent salary review,timely feedback on the performance and very well defined career path. Every employee speak their mind freely which also gives a sense of ownership. Most important is assigning right employee for right job. to advance employee it is very necessary for any employer to have a very transparent career proggresion path and review it on a timely basis and act on the finding of the review.
Leadership Programs in Place:
LDP's are very useful for us as we plan to be ready with next set of leaders in the organisation. The same has been categorized as below:
1. Leadership quality - How to foster the right quality in self and others.
2. Managing change - how to keep oneself up during the change in responsibility and operation.
3. Conflict resolution and managing workplace polictics.
4. Leadership management- How to balance personal leadership style with organisation demand and manage day to day crisis.

Above LDPs have provided us with much more participative leadership and today we are ready with next line of leader for the organisation. It has also improved the present leaders of the oragnisation.
Parting Thoughts
As an HR I would like on management of each and every employee. The same rule of schools applies on employees where every body is given proper guidance for their professional and personal development. A good student always create good name for his school and a satisfied employee always leads an organisation to be the best employer.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Identifying a leader is sytematic process over a period of time. choosing a leader is influenced by lots of factors such as:
1.Past record.
2.Task ownership.
3.Decision Making skills.
4. Influencing ability of an employee.
5. How does a person lead and group of employee.
6. Multitasking.
7.How an employee is accepted in the other groups of the organisation.
8.Cross functional knowledge.
9. Global perspective.

Promotion should always happen in a phased manner and very transparently so that other employees accept an individual as their leader.
Recruiting new generation:
We reach out to our prospect candidate in todays world rather then waiting for them to apply a job with us. Keeping a track of an employee and being in touch always help us to get good resource from the market. Yes generation Y is really ambitious. The same is resulting in lot of employees moving out of the organisation to the oragnisation who are more open and provide an opportunity to this young budding minds to bring their thought to reality. This is the reason why employer who are always ready to listen to ideas and suggestion of employees see less attrition than the employer who are still authoratative.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
HR is a catalyst to the entire organisation. As a support funtion HR is always vital in bridging the gaps between junior level and senior level.
Recommended Reading
I would recommend following websites for HR professional
HR Strategies In Place
1. Open and flexible work culture.
2. Employee forums.
3. Leadership talks.
4. Revolving training and development.
5. Cross functional training.
HR Challenges:
1. Changing stakeholders interest.
2. Problems and gap within organisation.
3. Market condition.
4. How employees perceives us as an employer.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Be open and transparent in all the activities carried out from HR front.Collective decision(All employees, even the junior most employees of the oraganisation should be involved) making is the key ingredient to all HR initiatives.
Helping to develop the country
Come out together and contribute at the grass root level. Every individual should do a analysis as to how to make India better and start working towards that on personal level rather than waiting for a change agent.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
1. Multitasking capabilites.
2. How an prospect hire feels about self and the organisation.
3. Each answer to be substantiated by example.
4. Honesty.
5. How one has defined his own career progression path.
Improving Education system
Education still is a bigger concern. It has evolved from the decades but not reached to every body.
Pain Points:
Employees willingness to accept change.
Current HR Trends:
HR is being seen as kay business partners rather than support function.
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