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Ask Nagasekhar Chandagani for Advice
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Nagasekhar Chandagani
Nagasekhar Chandagani

Nagasekhar Chandagani

Khobar, Saudi Arabia


Brief description about me
My name is Nagasekhar and simply can call "Naga". I have been Working with Endress Hauser company in Saudi Arabia as a National Service Manager. I am responsible for Service Operations of Endress Hauser in Saudi Arabia as well as in Bahrain. I have been in this maintenance 881984 service field for the past 16 years. I graduated in Instrumentation from Sri Krishna Devaraya University and also I completed my MBA degree from Andhra University while I was working in Coca-Cola company . I am married and have two children. I am basically from Andhra Pradesh state . I have mixed industrial experience(Power , Fertilizr, Food 881984 Beverage and now in Engineering services)in maintenance and services field.
Degree that I recommend
M.Sc(Instrumentation)degree for Maintenance/Services field during starting of my career but due to hardwork and dedication in my field this qualification helped a little in my future career . As many engineering companies looking for engineering degree professional, my hardwork and dedication only only helped to move forward in my career. Also at present M.B.A(Marketing and Finance)degree helping a lot in Operating Service Ogranziation idividually ,planning strategic decisions,Decision making in typical and critical situation in our organization.
More about myself
Committment to deliver the Organizational objective, Hardwork and dedication in our professional work only helps us to growhorizontally as well as veritically in career . Any individual in an organization, need to find opportunities and should try to utilize available resources which will be required in odd times of any organization. I like "we cannot select our boss" quotation which was quoted by one my ex.boss.. to continue this quotation, I can say "we can manage boss"
Initiative to develop a country
In point of view, professional should try to leave the barriers like working in the same field..Need to take challenging roles ..Should feel social responsibility to develop upcoming youth by proper training, educate them by giving proper guidance to their better career. Need to develop a system to avoid too much dependency on others as we can see in India youth still feel that someone will help their career .. Every an individual should workhard and improve their productivity in their field of areer which wil in turn produces better economy in the country.
My family background
My father and mother both illeterate. My parents stay in a very romote and very small village(Thippareddy Palli,Yadiki Mandal, Anantapur District,Andhra Pradesh). Even till date we don't have proper transporation system to our village. My parents with poor financial background and even they were not able to finance for my studies even I got more than 90% marks in my 10th Standard and they even told me to discontinue my education at that time due financial problem.My parents do farming in my village which their interest of field. I have two brothers and elder brother discontiued his education due to financial issues at that time and second brother workign inn private company in Hyderabad.I married to Anitha who is Matheatical Teacher in Private school. My family with me in Saudi Arabia and my children studying in Internation Indian School,Khobar.
My strongest skill
I am very Different in thinking and Innovative in implementing team work.
I am Continuous learning person

Innovation/Creativity in my work

Ready to take for Potential success

A culture of responsibility towards knowledge

Decisive action taking . Has got clear understanding of the business organization and its goals & objectives. Possesses attitude of collaboration and sharing. I alwayss willing to learn new technologies and methodologies. I align my professional grouwth with company corporate vision. I am willing to accommodate uncertainties
Important decision
Decision in Shifting/Changing my career from maintenace field(very routine job) to Engineering services which I can say is turning point in my life. Engineering serviceser/Customer services field in my view is very challenging role. As this is different field and also having easy adoptable nature really helped to strenthen my personality in my career.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Educaion system in India really very good but changes happening recently which is not focussing on "value education" or "moral education" .. I insist on this ethical education which will be required for every an indidual to feel him as social responsible instead of thinking their own career or their family. Education is not only learning out of books but learning practical or real experiences also makes bi difference in thining out of box.
Important lesson learned
I was so aggressive in my initial stage of career and which definitely didn't help in growing career. One of my company MD told me one day that "we should not loose people around us" and this statement changed my personality within. Also my father still works hard in farming/aggriculture who inspires me to work hard in my field ..I always keep in mind this
My achievements
Taking best performer of the award from Coca-Cola Company in 2005 with hands of Actress Sonali Bindre
Getting gold pin of Endress+Hauser after successful completion of 5years
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Leader should be in such a way that his actions should speak louder than word. should be role model in all aspects. He should be courage enough in taking decisions. He should understand others first . He should feel responsible and accountable ....he must take ownership in his role
My role model
My role model is my Company General Manager Mr.Craig Horan whos inspired me a lot. He talks less and do a lot . He is better in human relations which requires for any organization. I never seen him in agry. Even in difficult situations also he maintains his smile in his face. His way of life taught me follow" never loose confidence which is the only strength in difficult times"
Couple of years from now
I want to become a Service Manager for Middle east countries in my present organization
Ensuring success
Studying different managment and personality development books to improve my personality and management skills
Influenced by
My teacher Mr.Guravaiah who helped me financially to continue further studies. He financed from 10th standard to my post graduation even at his difficult times. His way of life realy influenced me a lot to study well and work hard during my career to take challenging roles. My ambition in life is to encourage young talented with poor financial back ground and support them financially till completion of their education and getting job. I am thankful and gratefull to my teacher who is no more with us but I follow his way surely..Very soon I will start charity organization to help poor students
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