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Mukteshwar Prasad Singh
Mukteshwar Prasad Singh

Mukteshwar Prasad Singh

story drama,sreenplay writing

afinance Department,Govt of BIhar

Couple of years from now
Gained prestigious position in society on account of my literary works.My prose and poems have heart touching feels based on relevant situations.Those are being published by popular and esteemed journals.I also participate in administrative functions as anchor and Editor of souvenirs.My views on different subject matters are invited by many institutions.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Success in life can be gained by hard and regular efforts, If you think to achieve wishing goal you must have to be a sincere learner, Hunger for knowledge should never be stopped.
More about myself

Truth is always truth.
Nobody throw it out or cut by knife,
Truth follows till last day of life.
Truth confirms the relation,
Truth remembers the conversation,
Truth makes the puncuation,
Truth rings in heart like pulpitation.
Nobody throw it out or cut by knife,
Truth follows till last day of life.
May pretend to forget,
May pretend to neglect,
May pretend to digest,
Truth never upset,truth is the best.
Nobody throw it out or cut by knife,
Truth follows till last day of life.
Influenced by
Poverty has molded my life .I have faced difficult days,and with empty stomach studied in college but this distress have given me enormous energy and determination to achieve my goal.Now I am example of excellence in many fields.
My role model
My role model are Manohar shyam joshi and Dharmvir Bharati as an Editor. Nepolean Bonaparte from word History and Samudra Gupta from Ancient Indian History as the greatest Emperor. Mahatma Budddha as religious reformer who neglected the existence of godand karmkand of yagya led by Brahmins.
My family background
Life is full of events and aspiration.A person having rural background has also an enormous ambition. Being a man of rural background I have spent both village and town father is farmer and old matriculate in geography ,Among two uncles one was Nayak in infantry(Indian Army) and other was Assitant Sub Inspector in Railway protection Force.I have two sons ,one is IT Engineer in Ericssion global,Banglore and for company work has been deputed in England &Italy last year and my second son after completing B.Sc (hons in Chemistry now studying at Delhi In Indian institute of Human right,My daughter is student of B.A.(hons)at Banaras Hindu University.
Important lesson learned
My passion is to read many books written on one subject, so that I always purchased books written by eminent auothers. This habit pushed me from small village to metrocity-Calcutta .there I get registered my self as permanent member of National library. A National library is known as the largest library of India. Where I studied a number of books written by foreign writer. Depth knowledge in different subject matter fortified much more capacity to write and orate.
My achievements
At first I was appointed reporter of " Vigyan Pragati", a journal of Information and Publication Directorate ,Delhi and started reporting and writing on science topics. Being a science graduate my next step is to be a technically skilled graduate so I took training in leather science ( Taning & finishing of leather).Finally succeeding in two years technological training I have been appointed as Science Graduate Supervisor in Bihar state leather devlp.corpn (an under taking of Govt. of Bihar) But I never stopped my study and passed Bachelor of journalism and mass media in the year 1988-89 taking admission myself in Evening shift college, Dr Sachida Nand Sinha Institute Journalism and library science ,Patna. As a degree holder in journalism participated in Hindustan and Nav Bharat Times India as feature writer. Above all I have written two story collection-kantili Rahen and prayschitTwo poetry collection Rang Badrang&Amarbel, two historical books and about three thousand articles.
Initiative to develop a country
Professional should invent principles and instruments to produce quality product on cheaper cost keeping in mind the 80% population of India. How rotational capital for the running of Indusry will be be lowered professionals may plane by their skills , I suggest professionals of similar area should make a club and shares their knowledge to govt.time to time for useful results.
Ensuring success
Let not faith on fortune ,by dint of labouring hard in planned way any thing will be get .In other word it ensure you to grow and develop.I first make rutine of work and in no case miss the drafted work plan.
Important decision
My uppermost and ambitious decision was to join government job after a gap of 5 years for monthly & regularly paid salary and other one was admission of my son in Jaipur Engeneering college without awaiting the result of I.I.T.
My strongest skill
I am courageous ,never feared in life ,I have accepted the profession of leather technician. Leather industry is some what injurious for health and seen with hate in society but being a science degree with chemistry decided to utilise apllied chemistry.
Degree that I recommend
Bachelor degree in journalism & Mass Media is recommended career in print and Electronic Media institute. Science Graduate trained in leather technology is recommended for leather production units a large scaled developing industry.But need not any career now because of I am already government employee at present.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
In my viewpoints education should be privatised for better result under the administrative control of government. Government Schools are only showpiece ,money invested over the salary of teachers have no output. It is wastage of revenue. But privately governed schools and colleges have better results.It may be said that education in private institution is costly for students. I have solution for these problems,as I have told that administrative control should be in the hand of government it means revenue aid will be given to schools in proportion of students. These days every body knows that much more expenditure is made on midday meal, on supplied free text books , on schooldress ,on cycles ,on buildings ,tube well and bathrooms etc.All could be handed over to private sector to manage on their capital money.
Brief description about me
I am a writer as well as sectional officer in the provident fund office (finance department )of Bihar Govt.(India)having 30 years experience of journalism ,technical knowledge in leather science.I am graduated in science from Bhag university and two years inplant training in leather technology under sponsorship of Bihar govt. I have also post graduate degree in journalism & massmedia awarded from Magadh University and also certificate of Co-operative Management given by Co-operative Department,Bihar.First of all I started reorting in science journal VIGYAN PRAGATIof CSIR,a publication of P.I.D.Delhi.In 1984 I joined service in an unit of Bihar State Leather Corpn,an under taking of Govt of Bihar.Along with production responsibility I continued free lance feature writing in Hindustan & Nav Bharat Times( Hindi newspaper)and several other weekly & monthly journals.Due tofinancial crisis my unit of leather became closed in midway,then I started publication of Khoji Purvanchal Times,weekly.
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