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Ask Mr. Arya Dey for Advice
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Mr. Arya Dey
Mr. Arya Dey

Mr. Arya Dey

Associate Director

Axtria India Private Limited

Important lesson learned
To perform at the top most level consistently someone needs persistence, ability to articulate appropriately, patience to weather down criticism and above all else objectivity. Having a firm financial goal with an open mindedness to explore the new areas should assure long term success. Success does not appear overnight but needs to be weaved day by day, month by month and at times year by year. It is not an event but a journey.
Influenced by
Myself and my decisions. To live a life of my own I need to have enough trust on my own abilities instead of following others.

However my parents have been one of my biggest motivators because of their devotion to what they do and their machine like sense of discipline.I am blessed have individuals like them in my life.
Initiative to develop a country
Create jobs by forming an enterprise where you feel you can use your skills and will the most. If you get to do what you like to do the most taking the first step should not be difficult if you have been preparing yourself for sometime for that.

Lower unemployment rates on more and more people reaching financial freedom would help India become a developed country.
My strongest skill
- Persuasive skills (needed for technology sales)
- Oracle technology stack (Oracle ERP, Oracle fusion ERP, OBIEE)
- Creative skills (I can join mutually exclusive subjects through material creativity and can create decorative objects/products)
- Number crunching
Important decision
I made many important decisions in my life and all of those influenced the later events in some way mostly positively.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. To believe in yourself

2. To absorb constructive criticism, defy destructive criticism

3. To stay away from corporate gossips

4. To challenge yourself to learn new skills in comparable industries

5. Not to be sentimental as you would fail if you waste time with that

6. Not to get distracted from your personal financial goals;succeeding in corporate world as a leader is easier than succeeding in life by leading it appropriately
My role model
My parents because of their uncompromising ability to stay disciplined in the face of even as well as odds. They believe if you are stoic nothing can influence you. You are the natural you when you are not influenced by anything but yourself.
Ensuring success
Growth is a two fold entity consisting of growth in knowledge and growth in assets. The followings are helpful -

1. Tight financial management
2. Convert expenses into investments
3. Cut down on vanity expenses like buying things that I don't need
4. Improve skill sets in all of the areas that interests me to grow on knowledge
5. Information Technology is a knowledge industry so developing skills will be helpful in one way or the other
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Make science and logical reasoning a key part of early education especially in the villages where people grow up with a lot of superstitions which have no practical value in real life.
Degree that I recommend
A full four years of graduation is a must in a technology intensive industry like information technology. More education can be acquired if needed later on.

Also each and every engineering degree should be merged with a compulsory subject on entrepreneurship as bookish knowledge along would not assure success in present day IT Industry for further growth beyond level 1 managers.
My family background
I grew up in a family of well known and well respected entrepreneurs of the old Bengal with western Bengal ancestry.
Couple of years from now
A full fledged Software Sales Senior Executive.
More about myself
Self realization is the source to vitality.
Brief description about me
I am in the Information Technology industry since the year of 2001 after completing my graduation in the field of Computer Engineering. My major contributions are in the Oracle Technology stack.

Since childhood I grew up in an environment of self made entrepreneurs.
Apart from the above I went through the initiative of forming my own company earlier to learn how to develop an entity from ground up which includes resource management like funds, people and connections etc.

I like the word sales as anything and everything we do on a day to day basis can be viewed from the perspective of sales.
My achievements
Please follow me on Linkedin on this.Thanks for asking.
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B.Tech Graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
PG Scholar
Angel college of Engineering and Technology, Tirupur
Development Professional
pushpanjali Hospital
I study for MINUTES and take a break for HOURS
I study for MINUTES and take a break for HOURS