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Misrilal Ravi Singh
Misrilal Ravi Singh

Misrilal Ravi Singh

NGO Sector

AST Hearing Aids

My role model
Frankly saying NO. Since i was experiencing the ups and down during my struggling period ,i had no idea to become someone, i was just thinking how to overcome the present situation.Thinking of role model was not necessity for me then.
Important lesson learned
Troubles are important part of life. Never avoid to run away from them,troubles teaches you many aspects of life and gives you experience between good and bad of life. Family, Friends, Career, habits etc maybe reasons behind troubles.Overall just remember that you have come into this world not only to enjoy but face the other aspects of life. Be a challenger and win it.
Degree that I recommend
No today i am satisfied with the education i have.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Sincerity and dedication which is decreasing gradually.
Ensuring success
Trying to maximum happiness around me. Having good nature brings happiness naturally. When someone is naturally happy with his nature of work, he stays fit and is not addicted to any false sources of happiness.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Indian Education is good but Indian education can be better when we our self's realize the importance of being fair.
My strongest skill
Good Communication skills and Knowledge of various aspects.
Influenced by
Music because it was relaxing me
Brief description about me
I am from poor background. My schooling days was below average.During my college days i was good at sports which made me to realize I too can do it.This is how i started my first job 1n the year 2000 on a monthly salary of Rs.1800.I never chased for money i just wanted to work and i had one thing in mind, by working experience comes and with experience you become and expert than automatically money flows.
Initiative to develop a country
When professionals themselves develop broadly India automatically develops.
More about myself
It is a good Initiative taken by you.Make it more approachable in Educational Sector.When people Share and have scope to read others experiences they get influenced and try to implement.
Couple of years from now
Better position compared to the present.
My family background
We all are 11 members in my family. 6 brothers and 3 sisters. Everyone of us are well settled in the life and live with their family members according to their Job at different parts of India. I have a daughter studying in class 4. My wife is running a primary school.
Important decision
Not to be stuck with only troubles. you find lots of options if you are positive.
My achievements
Jolly Nature and their are few but i wont mention since they are not related to Whatever am i today.
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