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Mehak Gupta
Mehak Gupta

Mehak Gupta

Senior Software Engineer

Ciena India Pvt Ltd.


Mehak Gupta is a member of:

My role model
Definitely, My parents, My role model. They continuously provide me support for all the decisions. My mom always explains me the positive side of accepting and rejecting things as it comes my way. They always guide me to stay focused for playing a superb role in my duties. They always tell me to follow an approach which will help me to excel things.
Company and job profile
I, Mehak Gupta, am a Senior Software Engineer. I have 2.7 years of experience in web application development using J2EE technologies.
I worked with Infosys Ltd. I was involved in a medical domain project over there. It dealt with Remote Patient Monitoring System.
Currently I am working in Ciena India Pvt Ltd. It is a US-based global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment, software and services that support the delivery and transport of voice, video and data services.
Here, I will be working in development team of a Network management Software using Java technology.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Providing services to the products is also a big challenging task. Almost all the MNCs look forward to Indian market when it comes for providing support and services to their developed products. Even the enhancement tasks for already developed products are coming our way. We have started and will soon be gaining confidence in making big tech products.
My strongest Skill
I am Sun certified Java Professional. My key skill includes Core Java, J2EE technologies covering JSP, Servlets, Spring, Hibernate, and SQL. I am also aware of the java automation testing which includes JUnits using Selenium for integration testing and MOCKITO for Unit Testing.
Challenges faced in job
It is a big challenge for me to be a part of telecommunication domain as I am even not much aware of basic terminologies involved. So gaining knowledge about it. Also, the new emerging feature additions to the existing techologies and learning the implementations with it.
My advice
Always stay focused in whatever you approach. Try to seek help from the senior people as it will help u a lot in gaining the best approach towards the work you are getting into.
Be motivated, Accept whatever comes your way instead of not playing any role.
My important career decision
Switching my job from Infosys Ltd to Ciena India is the most important decision I have made for my career growth. I am extremely positive about making this step a big achievement for me.
My achievement
I have been a quick learner and this is what the field demands.
A spot award winner in Infosys Ltd. Lot of appreciations for my work from the higher management.
University topper in BTech graduation. A consistent good scorer in studies.
Now, Sun certified Java Professional.
Recently joining a product based company is a big achievement for me.
Goals and Ambitions
I have just made a nice switch from a service oriented company to a product based company. And I am keen to learn the new things which are coming my way. So as of now, I am totally satisfied with my current position.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Proper time management will never disturb professional and personal life. And offcourse, the ample of facilities provided by Ciena India helps me in managing my time to lead my professional and personal life my way.
Being different
Everybody dreams of new and better things.
The EnGinEeRs are the ones who make it possible.
Books recommended
I would suggest going through Sun Certified Java Professional by Kathy Sierra for a proper understanding of all the core java concepts. Also keep yourself updated with the new technologies by being a member of the discussion forums like
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