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Manoranjan Sahoo
Manoranjan Sahoo

Manoranjan Sahoo

National sales Head-Retail

Reliance Life Insurance


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Manoranjan Sahoo's Advice

Working Hard will give success

Work hard, get the 1st hand experience in the field,set your smart goals,learns and un learn regularly, understand the subject,do not enter into short cuts and have patience.
Handling new territory
Sales is a part of every body's life. Day in and day our every single individual does Sales. It is New challenges, new learnings, very exciting, gives immediate self satisfaction and fullfillment of achivement.New terretories are always interesting.Selling a product is not an easy thing but the real test lies in selling your self.Understanding the terretory is important.
Developing a country
Everyone's contribution is required like do your best and make others to do their best.If along with my team grows, my environment will grow and the country will develop. Professionals should contibute towards social responsibility.
Education system in India
The current education system with various boards is good, but should focus more on aptitude development of the children,value added professional teaching, should come out of the bookish, mechanical way of teaching.Various updated methods in teaching needs to be implemented.Big corporate houses should enter into affordable teaching.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Work hard, get the 1st hand experience in the field,set your smart goals,learns and un learn regularly, understand the subject,do not enter into short cuts and have patience.
Current Job description
I am the retail sales head of the Life Insurance Company , looks after the distribution, products, training , retention and cost control activities.My role is to create distribution,make plans and budgets with the cost and as per the organisation vision.My job profile includes recruitment, development and retention of distributors.
Upcoming Trends
It is a dynamic industry and ever changing and demanding requirements.Everything depends on customer's choice. The change is towards better customer orientation and sensitivity.Which is good.Gradually Life Insurance in various forms has become the need of the people.They are more concerned and aware of their requirements.The education level has gone up.
Effect of sales on an organization
Sales is the entry point for and Sales Organization.It brings customers, in turn revenue and the entire system works.It is like the heart of any organization.What people say they will buy, they do not.Many a sales has been won or lost in the 1st 3 minutes.
My family background
I belong to Orissa, born in a service class family, my father is a retired class-1 Agriculture deparment office of Orissa Govt,I am married to Usha and I have a son who is in STD-12
Essential qualification required
Life Insurance is a vast subject and Sales is a part of that.To join in this industry one needs to be at least a graduate, professional qualifications are preferred,but should have the attitude and aptitude to build a career on sound foundation wit long term prospective.
Essential skills
Basically a vision and passion with activity orientation makes a successful sales person.He must understand the need of the customers and follow the sales process.Must have a passion to achieve the target in the assigned terretory through effective coverage.Should build a good image of his company, it's products and policies.Be true, honest and be away from mis selling.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
My corporate journey from an AAO from LIC to the retail Sales Head in a premier private life company,always adapting to new environments and demand.Setting up new ventures and creation of industry professionals across the country.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
Both are important for the customers.Both catter to different segments of the society.Some people needs elaborate product presentation before making the buying dicesion.On line Sales definitely makes the products cheaper for the client but there is a huge need of off line sales as well.Looking at the demography of our country, both has to co exist.On line Sales can make the reach of the product to the nook and corner of the country with a cheaper mode of distribution where as hard core sales builds a better confidence on the mind of the customer
Importance of brand image
It is absolutely important for any organization.People need to relate to the brand.The should have confidence on the brand and in turn the products, quality, service etc.Positive Brands are not build over night, it requires continuous, sincere 881984 honest efforts with measurable results to create a strong brand.Over the years many such significant brands has been created across the globe, where the brand has become synonym with the generic product.It takes ages to create a valued brand.The more people trust your brand, more people will buy from you.
Motivating team members
Loosing all hopes is the end of the world, I normally remind them of their past achievements and encourage them to keep the hopes on.It is just another day.Some days may be good , some days may be bad, but keep the basics right.Go back to the drawing board and look at your atctivities.As a leader it is important to back your team, give confidence,show alternatives.Giving confidence and inspiring at the critical moments is vital.
Becoming good marketing professionals
Yes definitely,Marketing is not only sell good products, it will also hasten the death of bad products.A good sales person know it.He does not explains the features, he explains the benefits.A good sales person understands that business is like riding a bicycle-either you keep moving or you fell down.
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