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Manjunath Dvs
Manjunath Dvs

Manjunath Dvs

Strategic Business Director

Wipro Technologies


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Growth is directly linked to performance and indirectly to attributes like people relationships. With Marketing and Sales being key bridging functions between people both internally within a firm and outside with clients, it is the overall performance and relationships that will determine the growth
What can be achieved
There isn't and there shouldn't be a limit. Marketing is such that it can either build or demolish a brand. With the right skills/people if the timing is tuned well for both internal and external communication within a corporate environment Marketing can deliver wonders.
Importance of On line marketing
Very, if simply put. With steadily increasing online population (both corporate and otherwise) it is a medium of communication not to be missed at all.
As much the heart is for a human, and as with the reference Branding isn't a stand alone function. Branding happens by itself when all the departments (like HR, Finance etc.) in a corporate system are working in harmony and are delivering their best results. Branding needs to be carried out as a function on a need basis when any of the department(s) are not performing as required. Branding succeeds eventually when the internal teams/departments stand up to deliver to the promises made to the customer community, it otherwise fails, sometimes miserably.
Future trend
With the target customer globally getting more ubiquitous, in a medium of engagement (mobile, online etc.) perspective, Marketing is also evolving equally quickly and diversely with the methods and media of communication.
Achieving Targets
I am on the sales side in my current role working closely with the marketing team, it is a partnership for success if planned and executed well. Marketing function helps in learning and understanding market's needs and sometimes shapes up trends based on emerging needs (like shopping on TV, mobile banking etc.), the marketing team in the firm I am currently part of is delivering excellent results in creating the brand identity in the market and supporting the sales teams in engaging with the customer.
Positioning the product
Adequate research to be carried out to make the product as market-specific as possible and constant enhancements based on user feedback is a must.
Suggestions to aspirants
Understand your customer well, align your products/services to the wider market needs but not to individual customer because when it comes to the company (their employer) having to invest in enhancing or coming up with a new product/service the chances become high for the investments to be justified. Last but not least, voice your opinion even if it means nothing sometimes.
Brief yourself
I would rather not as there isn't anything unique in me, I am just another sales and marketing professional.
Importance of STP
Very. Without these three ticked it is hard for a campaign to succeed. As I mentioned in one of my earlier answers it is also important to consider the wider target market/audience while carrying out the segmentation (like age, location, profession, weather/seasons etc.), targeting (time of the day/month/year to get the message out, medium of communication like TV, Mobile, Internet etc.), and positioning (localising the message, aligning the message with the market needs etc.).
Importance of sales
If the product is unique then a lot more effort needs to be put into Marketing to communicate about the effectiveness and efficiency of the product. Sales will take priority in a solution and/or services environment as quantifying the quality of the solution or the service is a task in itself
Importance of 4ps
Its a more colloquial abbreviation/representation but definitely covers the core elements a business needs to focus on in a marketing perspective. With all the localisation and globalisation happening 4Ps are of more significance than before
Recommended Courses and Certification
The Chartered Institute of Marketing equips marketeers with both standard and contemporary skills, beyond which if one is looking to enhance themselves in specific areas there are universities/business schools offering specialised certificate and/or diploma programmes in particular areas
Would strongly recommend Economist, and with all the new and emerging apps on the smart phones and tablets there are few apps like 'pulse' which bring various sources of information (newspapers, magazines, ezines etc.) into one box which prove very handy
As I mentioned in one of my earlier responses I am into a sales role now but with Marketing the trick is always about being social. Times are tough all over the world and it is for the marketeers to looks for new ideas and methods of execution, there is always light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to marketing.
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