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Manish Basniwal
Manish Basniwal

Manish Basniwal

Senior Marketing Executive

Mindtrek Edutech Pvt.Ltd


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Achieving Targets
The point I want to make is that we can do better. The key to doing better in good times and bad times is to be more competitive (Not with price, not with criticism). Giving our sales people PRODUCT KNOWLEGE and SALES TRAINING gets us more sales, even in the more typical slow times. It builds confidence and belief.
Why not do what we do, give them a weekly target and if they hit it they get an increased level of commission on anything else they put in in that week. The trick for us is to help the sales people earn as much as possible, we love paying out big cheques because when they earn we earn. Also, if i pay residual commissions i could offer double residual commission when they are on holiday if they are on target weekly 75% of the previous year.
Sales teams can also be motivated with good examples. A highly motivated team can be formed with the help of a good example set by a particular employee.
Importance of On line marketing
Making Connections--Online Or Off Whether in the Internet world or the traditional bricks and mortar business environment, marketing is about making connections with people. Standing Out From Crowd Just as in the offline world, online marketers need to know and understand how to stand out from their competition. Offering Valued And Valuable Information Internet consumers are looking for quick, easy-to-find and easy-to-use information to help them meet their needs. Marketing About Measurement-Internet marketers can easily track the number of visitors
What can be achieved
Unfortunately, in so doing, he missed what the customer wanted entirely. He would have vainly spent hours preparing and faxing the quote, and then wondering why he didn't close the sale. He was well equipped to respond to the technical specifications of the problem, but didn't have the faintest understanding of what the customer really wanted, and therefore, little chance of closing the sale.

To overcome the limitations and boundaries of this belief, let's consider ourselves to be much more than just problem solvers. Let's consider ourselves to be accomplished salespeople who can understand what a customer wants in a deep and detailed way. Let's consider ourselves people who can put together our products and services into offers that give the customer what he/she really wants.
Growth Prospect in marketing
Everyday, we learn, we grow, we succeed, and sometimes we even fail. Learn from it and grow. Here are some directive to help you clime the corporate ladder of success:

Work hard
Stay focused
Take credit for your great work
Recognize the good work around you
Expand your horizons
Allow yourself to grow outside of the comfort zone
Wear new hats
Excel in all marketing disciplines or focus where you specifically want to grow
Communicate your goals
Be a leader
Delegate and also get your hands dirty
Enjoy the ride
Entry level jobs may focus on market research, with analysis of consumer needs and behavior, competitive activity and advertising effectiveness/spend levels.
More senior brand management jobs include management of multiple products and brand groups. Relationship building is crucial at both junior and senior levels, including relationships with advertising agency partners, key customer account executives and other operating units. The typical job progression for an individual who remains in marketing follows:
Senior Executive Assistant Brand Manager Brand Manager Marketing Director Group or Division Director Senior Company Executive
Brief yourself
Education:-I Did my Masters in Business Administration from Bharathiar University in August 2011. During my course I had taken up projects of different nature, which provided me a good amount of experience in different fields related to marketing.

Job:-The growth of the company and get a wider exposure of the industry. As an individual, I have worked my ways to be able to function on multi departments in a company.
Nature:- Positive, enthusiasm, good communication skills, ready to work, thinking approaches,Being a Commitment Player,
Difference between Marketing and Selling
Marketing starts before decision of production
Marketing is a total system and selling is one of its part
Marketing is a long term process
Selling starts after decision of production
Selling is the transfer of owner ship
Selling is a short term process
Future trend
“Content marketing is the new advertising”
Importance of STP
In order to be an effective and efficient business, you should seek out your target customer market. There are three main issues to consider when determining your target market:
Market segmentation
Market segmentation involves grouping your various customers into segments that have common needs or will respond similarly to a marketing action. Each segment will respond to a different marketing mix strategy, with each offering alternate growth and profit opportunities.
After segmenting the market based on the different groups and classes, you will need to choose your targets. No one strategy will suit all consumer groups, so being able to develop specific strategies for your target markets is very important.
Positioning is developing a product and brand image in the minds of consumers. It can also include improving a customer's perception about the experience they will have if they choose to purchase your product or service.
Future prospect
After 5 years down the line. I will be a person with much more responsible, competent, knowledgeable and an respectful person in the organisation. I will be an valuable asset whom the organization will never want to lose at any cost. As this organization have given my career I will be loyal and contributing for the successful through out my career in the organization.
Suggestions to aspirants
1. Be Friendly
I am able to connect with professionals in a grocery store because I stepped out of my comfort zone and started conversations with strangers.
2. Present Your Value
Don’t sell yourself short by passing up an opportunity to present your value to a potential client.
3. Have A Business Card
Internet natives hate business cards because they feel stodgy and backward.
4. ABN
5. Be Helpful
Take advantage of every opportunity you have to help others.
6. Be A Resource
Present yourself as a resource.
7. Follow Up
If you can get some sort of contact information, do so.
Positioning the product
The goal of product positioning is to keep our product on top of our customers’ mind when they’re considering a purchase. To be successful, product positioning must achieve three objectives:
• Differentiate our product from the competition’s
• Address important customer buying criteria
• Articulate key product (or company) characteristics
Market position before I can create an effective brand for Our business (or product, or service). Determining market position depends on three main tasks:
Figure out point of difference. Our unique attributes are what set I apart from Our competitors and attract clients to Our offering.
Attraction: Provide values and attributes that customers genuinely want or need. Distinction: Provide values and attributes that customers can receive only when they work with your business or buy your product.
• Decide which customers you serve the best. Focus on the market segment you serve best. Instead of trying to please all people in all ways,
1. Engage C-Suite
2. Devise a strategy
3. Create a Customer-Centric Culture
4. Know your customer
5. Integrate Data Sources
6. Empower Customer-Facing Professionals (CFPs)
7. Train, Train, Train Again
8. Leverage Existing Knowledge
9. Deliver a Consistent Message
10. Walk in your Customer’s Shoes
11. Measure and Manage the Experience
12. Communicate and Collaborate
These are the website which are given marketing news, I always go through these sites.
It will be beneficial for you.
Advertising Age –
Search Engine Land –
ClickZ –
Direct Marketing News –
MarketingVox –
BtoB –
Marketing Today –
Alltop –
Marketing Pilgrim –
Importance of sales
All financial metrics, dramatic spikes up or down should raise a flag, and you may have to do more research to determine what caused the spike. Dramatic upward spikes, for instance, might be a sign that a company has a terrific new product that is selling very well, but it might also suggest a company has had recent, large-scale layoffs.
The Sales per Employee indicator is most useful for comparing companies within a similar industry, or within a specific sector of an industry. Service companies, manufacturing companies, and retailers, for instance, generate such different results that it is not particularly useful to compare between them.
Sources of Revenue
Sales Versus Marketing
Partnership Between the Sales and Marketing Teams
Investing In Sales
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