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Mangesh Gunjal
Mangesh Gunjal

Mangesh Gunjal


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About Myself
Hi, I am Mangesh Gunjal. Born in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and brought up in Nashik, Maharashtra. Did my Diploma(IT) level education in Nashik, and then pursued my Engineering(IT) from Mumbai thereafetr did my PG Diploma in Cyber Forensics and Related Laws. Thereon I moved to Delhi where I did my PG Diploma in IT Infrastructure Systems and Security from C-DAC, Delhi.
I love to be in sync with nature and whenever I get time I go for Treks with my friends. I love to read technological Magazines and Comics. I also like to watch Hollywood movies every now and then be it an Action movie or any nerdy one :D. I like to spend my time with Family and Friends and like to hangout with them a lot.
I am always fond of exploring new technologies in the IT world. Moreover am inclined towards Cyber Security, Data Center operations, Network And Infrastructure field.
There's still lot to learn to establish myself well and am trying my best at it.
Life's too small to explore multiple avenues..!!!
Challenges facing by students
Most of the students doesn't know their interests, they simply follow the company requirements whenever they get placed through Campus placements, they just get into the IT industry but doesn't know in which sector of IT industry would they be working in. They simply follow or do what the company needs.
They lack proper mentoring, lack of proper insight into the IT industry work culture and standards, if they are counseled correctly about it they would be able to think according to their own needs rather than the companies. Students need to find answers as to what their interests, passion lies in and need to work in that respect which will result into happier and exciting professional life.
Students should not always stuck into the syllabus learning, they should explore new technologies relevant to their field and search for any events, seminars and workshops in their proximity so that they could be in touch with latest trends and standards which will help them twofolds.
Favorite Books and Articles
"Connect The Dots" by Rashmi Bansal, the book is about non-IIM graduates who successfully established their business and about their Entrepreneurship skills. The writer is skilled to pen down their story, who could have their whole book dedicated to their story, but written such an inspirational summary of their struggling and successful life..!!!
and Now am hoping to read "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" soon..!!!
First Job Expectation
When looking for a job, the main thing is to be in the right job, it should satisfy you and make you happy doing that job, which should be your passion, it should be your dream job.
Secondly the job should pay you enough according to your skills and abilities.
and the third thing which you should think about is the number of facilities you are being entitled to, provided by the company should be good enough to keep you motivated always to shine in your career resulting the growth of both the counterparts- Company and you.
If these three things are met then you should be glad and fortunate to be employed in such company.
Secondly, the
Spare time activities
I generally like to watch History Channel whenever I get time or have access to television. But else, I would like to listen to Coldplay, like to play indoor games, also various Strategic and FPS computer games.
I spend most of the time reading Newspapers and would like to be well informed about the happenings around the world.
Family Background
Well, in my family we are four members, my Dad is Government employee where as he works as a Tutor in Government Nursing College. My kind and loving Mother is a housewife but she likes to teach tailoring classes and conducts it every now and then. My younger brother is pursuing his Engineering degree in Mechanical stream.
Overall my family is small and has a broad outlook towards life but still has traditional roots.
Most flourishing college experience
In college I used to initiate most of the functions at my class level wherein I used to organize various events and seminars for my fellow classmates. I also used to be in organizing committees of Cultural Fests for every academic year and had also performed on stage in Group Dance competitions in one those years. Thus, this resulted in ending up with lots of college friends be it Seniors of Juniors and am still connected with them through various channels and I cherish that and yes, I was a known person at my college then and I feel proud of it.
Career Expectations
Being in IT industry there's a change in the working technologies every now and then. With that the syllabus which students have will be changing according to the industry standards and will also benefit the students to be in sync with the Industry which would elevate them to understand the industry better.
Most influenced factor
Curiosity surrounded to Computers at my time made me opt for IT career and made me work around it, and then when I learned about Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerbug, I got very much intense and serious about it.
They inspired me with their works and thoughts.
Time Management
The most important things which needed to be done fast and are critical to the situation surrounded certainly are the top priorities for me. So, I tend to bend doing such tasks first rather than just randomly executing any task. This helps me to work out better strategy and gives me a clear picture of how things would be working out for me and make me easy to handle various activities, also makes me utilize myself on various other projects and learn new things.
My uniqueness
Whenever I encounter any situation I tend to think the outcome of that firsthand and then only I start working on it. This helps me think in broader view for any particular project. I tend to get easy knowledge of what another person's need is and what he may be thinking of so that I could keep his expectations from me well accomplished.
View s for better India
Whenever a Student gets out of his/her Academic period and wants to enter into the Professional life, he/she should always think of how his work will eventually end up being an advantage to the development of the nation. Yes, this is a huge expectation but with every path of the student's life, he/she contributes to the nation's development in direct or indirect way. For that he/she should always be ready to provide a helping hand in the accomplishment of any societal responsibility.
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