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Ask Mandar Dnyaneshwar Jagtap for Advice
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Advice Request
Mandar Dnyaneshwar Jagtap
Mandar Dnyaneshwar Jagtap

Mandar Dnyaneshwar Jagtap



About Myself
Myself a Mechanical Engineer Student, now giving final exam and having a good educational record. Apart from that I'm a simple person and according to me my best quality is that I always try to be honest with me and others also while doing every action.
Career Expectations
It's evergreen field of mine..Mechanical.
It always accepts every changes and getting growth every minute.
My uniqueness
I can be a little less knowledgeable in my field, but I can be motivating person to self and others also.As told already I always try to be honest with me.If something coming in between it,it can make me to take firm decisions.
Challenges facing by students
Students are tired of writing assignments and unproductive works.
Many time teachers become unable to make concept to understand to students.
They require new pattern which can make them understand concept easily.
They love all what is given in sweet and short.
Most proud accomplishment
Only on of my school friend and one interviewer at TOYO engg. told me that you are having a straight forward personality.The amazing thing is that interviewer predict it from my handwriting. Actually I'm so, but always take care that person to whom i'm talking will not get hurt due to me.
And another thing is that I always try to save any relationship and accept all mistakes even if I had not made it.
Spare time activities
I like to play cricket and watch all types of it's formats.
When I am not doing that I spend my time with my books, not study books; story books or novels,preferably in my mother tongue- Marathi.
First Job Expectation
A good salary with relevant job to me.
Job security.(I will not like to jump jobs for salary. If I like my job I will continue to work with it even if less competing salaries.)
and last is Designation.(It should be relevant to my education.)
Most flourishing college experience
All my experiences are rewarding. Actually I like to remember all those memories I have with my friends. I feel that memories are on;y things which do not change even if that person changes in future life.
View s for better India
Student nowadays go abroad for education , work there and gets settled.
This bad cycle had ruined our development.
I am not against higher education which is not available in our country, but I request to them let our country also have benefits of their intelligence.
Additional information
Now-a-days a new system is developed called Behavioral Assessment. It's really very good approach to be appreciated.
Time Management
The most important things are on top always.
Also the things I never like to do, I always try to done it first.
Family Background
I am from a well cultured family. My father is a Auto-rickshaw driver.
He used to be a brilliant student in his school days, having a remarkable good Hand-writing; unfortunately 'bad company' spoiled his career.
My mother is a School teacher. She is very strict about her rules and ethics.
I have a younger sister.Quite good in design.
Favorite subject
I am strongest in Maths. Because I like to have calculations all the time in my mind, make me always to be in touch of it.
Favorite Books and Articles
I last read 'The Lock Griffin ' recently.
Its a very good book to be read by everyone.
Actually I also like to write something.This book shown me a new way of writing.
Most influenced factor
My Parents.
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