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Maddipatla Naidu
Maddipatla Naidu

Maddipatla Naidu

General Manager

Amararaja Group

Current job profile
I am working with Amararaja Group based out of Tirupati as General Manager - Group Internal Controls. Role includes Establiching Internal Controls for the Group, Evaluating Control Systems. From Statutory point of view, the Auditor of the Company has to comment whether there is adequate internal control system commensurate with the nature and size of the business. For listed companies, CEO & CFO has to certify to the Board of Directors that there is adequate internal control system. My role is to ensure that there is adequate internal control system in the Group.

Leadership skills
In my view leadership is an art. The leader should posses right sources of information, right connections to get expert knowledge in the subject to take tough decisions and above all persuavive skill.

Ensuring growth
 I keep myself updated on the latest developments in my area of specialization, maintain a network for information and expertise, put the knowledge to use and test the new concepts. Focus all eforts towards required outcome. In this process knowledge gaps are highlighted and try to bridge those gaps by attending training programs in those areas

My advice
Put your knowledge to work,focus on the outcome and try to bridge the knowledge gap in the process
Doing things right
 I am a human. So it is natural that I may commit mistakes both in professional as well as personal life. But I learn a lot from those mistakes. This process ensures me that my mistakes are minimised in the journey forward

Influenced by
Two people have influenced my life so much that they are responsible for all that what I am today. First one is a research student from Bombay university. She completed her PHD in Physics while suffering from cancer. The lesson for me is that nothing is impossible if there is will power. The second person is Charles Shobraj, the notorious international criminal. He did his criminal activities with so much confidence and precision that nothing could stop him from achieving what he wanted. The lesson for me is nothing can stop you to achieve what you want if you have will power. This two people were in news when I just completed my graduation and joined Defence Accounts Department. This two people have influence me so much that I gained lot of confiednce and improved my will power. Hence I decided to pursue my ICWAI with all the constraints in place but with lot of will power and confidence. Being a science graduate, accounting was greek and latin to me. But I completed ICWAI in record time of 2.50years, completed final in the first attempt and achieved 23rd rank at All India Level. After this my MBA, FCS, LLB were just cake walk.
Handling gravience
 It is a sensitive issue and there is no one size fits all solution for this challenge. First collect information, discuss the issue with the employee and understand it completley. Depending upon the issue privacy is determined. If the issue is personal, complete privacy of the employee is protected. If it is business related i decide whether I need to consult other fuctions. One of the matters I handled relates to one of my subordinates who was shouted at by the manager of other function for delay in releasing payment ot some vendor. In fact it is not her fault because the relevant papers have not reached her and that was heldup in another function. When the matter reached me, I first spoke to all the three i.e, my subordinate, the manager who shouted at her and the manager where the papers were held up. After understanding the issue I immediately specified the input and output norms. This has insulated my subordinate from other functions and she got the inputs thereafter. There was occation after that where she was shouted at by anyone else during my tenure there and her morale and consequently productivity has improved tremendously thereafter.  

Most important decision
 I joined Defence Accounts Department through Staff Selection Commission Examinations when I completed my graduation. While working I completed ICAWAI and decided to quit Government job and joined private sector. Further completed MBA, FCS, LLB. In private sector I started in Costing department and grown to head the Finance & Company Secretary functions. For the last two years I am in the Internal Controls which demands a blend of all my experience so far like Costing, Finance, Statutory Compliance, Corporate Governance

My view on India technological development
We have many engineering and other professional colleges which turnout large number of technical graduates. Based on my experience at Campus Interviews, I find that many of these graduates do not have skills which the industry is looking for. Hence the employablility of these graduates are low. When it comes to tech products, Indian Companies think twice before embarking on any new product developments. Instead they try to concentrate more on existing tech products and develop their business models. This will kill initiative from the employees and employee also under pressure to deliver short term results. If you look at the same Indian Talent employed overseas, they are there in many of the new tech products. There are many Indians in Microsoft, IBM, Intel who are part of new product development.
Family background
 I am from an agricultural family. My wife is a housewife and my son is MS in VLSI Design. He works as a team leader for a mobile chip design company at Bangalore.
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