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Ask M K Bothra for Advice
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M K Bothra
M K Bothra

M K Bothra


Shree Parasvanth Textile

Degrees That Matter:
I am presently pursuing my MBA and I wish to Complete CFA And Pursue My Doctorate In Organizational Leadership.
Other Thoughts:
I want to learn as much as i can and i think learning has no age. Hope to become like my dad and he is my Role model, my Inspiration and a True Guide.
The Journey So Far:
As I mentioned earlier I started my journey in my early years and I learnt a lot from from Dad Experience. Before learning the Institutional concepts of Business and market condition in B-school during my Masters Degree, I was aware of real market condition and the process of work happening in Market. I Just wanted to be an Entrepreneur and A Successful Businessman. After joining business my Goals changed from learning to business to Make it grow and develop to generate Cash.
Job Profile:
As an Entrepreneur, All I have Look on All Type of Works i have to be Engaged in.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
As of now, I Haven't done much Yet. I want to really accomplish something Great in future for which i can be proud of myself whole of my life.
The Decisions That Matter
Choosing to do A Work for which I have passion to do.
I believe that one should do what he love and is really interested In.
My decision to take Finance, have a good knowledge in area of interest and be really good in what I Love and have Deadly Passion. This is what made a difference in my life.
Be Updated and Creative was the small learning from One of my Mentor,Which I do follow.
Contribution to the field
I have just had a Small work life Career in my life and Till nothing is that great which i can say as Accomplishments.

Have A Experience of 20 Months in All Fields of Work.
Role Model:
My role Model is My Dad who inspires me, motivates me and make me do task which i feel are difficult to do.
Hearing about his experience in various situation really inspires me and motivates me.
Done Differently:
It Will Be The Best Moment In My Life As I Will Be Able To Do The Best In Times Which has Gone And If Comes Again As I have Made Many Mistakes And Learn't A Lot From Those And Will tr Not To Repeat Those Again

If I am given a chance to start my career all over again, I will make a habit of reading books everyday without wasting time on other things.

As I believe books are only the things which can make us smart at that age. One Cannot jump into real world to learn at that age
Changes In The Professional Environment:
When I joined I was just 19 and was total in guidance of my Dad. I Remember calling him every time before making any decision and now i make it of my own. I Think This What Has Changed. Time has really changed me from what i was and what I am now.
Family Background
I am from middle class family, basically a Mar-wadi settled in Barmer Rajasthan, Highly conservative, Religious And Value Oriented and Business oriented Family.
Growth Strategy:
I am pursuing MBA in Finance and planning to do CFA and likes to read a lot so that i am always updating myself and which me to think creative and be Innovative.
Advice For New Professionals:
Have A learning approach from everybody, doesn't matter what is he doing and who is he.

Willingness to work and learn from other and have a good network, be Updated and Innovative.
Career Profile:
I Am Responsible for Finance Activities, Making the funds Available and Handling The Production Department. I am responsible for all the activity happening in the company.
Working Life Management:
According to me if I have more TIME, I can work more and Effectively which bring more Happiness to me.

I wish to be flexible as to change accordingly to situation, having commitment toward work and life.

I mostly believe in TIME MANAGEMENT which balances my work life and personal life.
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