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Lava Prasad Kafle
Lava Prasad Kafle

Lava Prasad Kafle




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Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Its all due to lack of knowledge, awareness , and motivation to use evidence based estimation, practices, and proficiency in verification, validation and Testing. Also, we are lazy
Challenges faced in job
We need to seek solutions from AI (Artificial Intelligence) view , and not just coding for giving something. We need real true business Intelligence and it evolves, we cannot learn it by reading, it needs practice, dedication, and inherent native skills to shape business domain into some artifact. its helping us to make better world, better software solutions, services,and technology for upcoming generation
Current Trends
1. bigdata 2. cloudcomputing 3. virtualization 4. simulation modeling 5. Automation
My achievement
I practiced unit testing, I created bug free apps, Then joined QA Team. I found more bugs, better difficult to find bugs , defects, and errors. I excelled in performance testing and security testing. i can envision weak codes by looking at the front end. These are all I earned, and learning more
Making job easier
Its teamwork, diffused, no boundaries, no rules, just merged cohesive teams , some are superstars and some are lame, but not all strikers makes a great team, the empathy, the goodness, positive attitude, hierarchy less organization structure, open culture, liberal mindsets, hands-on-knowledge of current technology, research ability, and innovation off course.
Being different
I think from wholesome point of view. It bottom up or horizontal 360 degree, its full, no stones remain untouched. it takes patience, preseverance though to apply real engineering. truely, the owners,businessmen do not want us to use fully our engineering knowledge as they concern more with money, profits and numbers rather than truely scientific and engineering being used for best outcome to customers
My role model
Ok, diffciult question. its my current chairman Rudra Pandey PHD who opened in USA later acquired by to become and now where engineers are free to use engineering skills logic and solutions.
Company and job profile
I completed my B.E. in computer from Kathmandu University in 1999 december and since then working start of 2000, teaching, and developing software with special focus on quality assurance and control. My current company is specializing in healthcare data, cloud computing, and bigdata solutions. I am Solutions Architect and provide insights, vision and technological solutions to domain, business, and application arenas.
Family Background
Sure, I have wife(Menuka, hails from Chitwan, housewife looks after son), son(Aaaditya class 5), father (Govinda), mother(Sita) , a Sister (Nirmala, works for NGO in terai region) . I was born in remote poor village of dolakha district and later brought to kathmandu.
Books recommended
Ok, I recommend geeks go to citeseer, goodreads,, amazon and search for books like evidence based, empirical based, mostly numerical , rather than learning programming.
My strongest Skill
Ok, I find holes, bugs, defects, errors easily, its in my genes. I can design solutions for domain based problems differently than others and can brainstorm to defend my logic.
Goals and Ambitions
1.Upgrading skills in cloudcomputing, bigdatasets, algorithms, and data science.
2. Complete my current MS by Research in Computer science degree from Kathmandu University in next quarter, and apply for PHD and finish it.
3. Design some kind of course, programming language solution provider AI system.
4. Travel to Goa, Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore, Hyderabad, , Hawaii, South Africa, South America, Australia, and Europe
5. Become a professor of Computer Science
Managing professional as well as personal life
Its too difficult. Professional life has taken over our personal lives due to the nature of emerging timeless, boundary-less scenario in software industries. I rarely like to work from home except in emergencies off-course. And on Saturday, Sunday We go out for long Bike-ride far away into jungles or naturally beautiful places.
My advice
Dont Care Money, Salary, or facilities. Just Do the right thing as asked by your mentor. Always deliver some solutions daily , say in Agile Scrum based approach. Dont worry Ask seniors. google search is not ultimate solution, but knowledgeable experienced geeks in software industry. God for Quality even if it takes more time and cost. Customer is God
My important career decision
haha, Ok, Sacrifices are made alongside the 13 year First Quarter duration definitely int erm of salaries, positions. being manager, director does not matter much as long as we have technical skills handy and we evolve along with newer technologies, and business needs.Getting Fat Cheque does not make us Stand Strong in competition around the world but having more knowledge does. So, i cared nott he Big Titles or fat cheque , but technical innovation knowledge, research and devotion.
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