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Ask Kumar Ambar for Advice
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Kumar Ambar
Kumar Ambar

Kumar Ambar



Time Management
It should always be kept in mind that if there is a time,dont count it as a free as it must be holding some sort of work to be carried out during that duration.So when the same situation comes to me,I prefer doing my work or if I don't get any such work then I take it as a time for relaxation.Most of the times reveals me some work.Being a student there are lot of things jumping in mind that I should get to study now or to play some games or to have a look on some movies or dramas so never to worry regarding this matter because there are lots of things for us to do so when you get the time there also you will get some work in your mind to get done else enjoy it.
Career Expectations
More and more responsibility came alive in my minds during few years.Before I had the time or you can say that I managed the time by myself to have different schedules for everything including my studies,my playtime,my sleep,my entertainment etc,but since last few years, the conditions have changed a lot.The time which I had passes with my studies or else thinking about my studies.It feels so bad to the way I changed.I lost all my interest in games,don't have interest to go out with my friends so it keeps me so blocked until i get the job,may be the conditions becomes interesting at later stage
First Job Expectation
Here comes the toughest question to me.Truly speaking,when I try for the job,I always takes three things with me and they are as follows:

1.My preparation-The topics which I have covered,which I have practiced,all things need to be mugged up for the selection exam or patterns.Sometimes the selection process starts with a written test or sometimes it starts with group discussions or even sometimes with the communication rounds.So its upon me to choose the way of my preparation and always be connected to it.Its my job to be well equipped with the questions or knowledge on group discussion topic or a good knowledge regardind myself as we dont know whats to be the first round of the process and it must always be remembered that to get to the higher stairs it is necessary to cross the lower stairs so it happens the same way.

2.My knowledge regarding company-I used to have a basic knowledge about any company before going there.

3.My Luck-Without this ,nothing could get happen.
My uniqueness
For this,I love myself to be a happy and optimistic one.I always feel the things in a single way that is it will get done not now but after sometimes.I see the world through my own vision.I never goes with someone's views or opinions rather than taking my own decisions.It just depends on the way of thinking how can anyone thought of any matter to what extent.This is the main point.What I do always contains some reason and the most important thing that's the output of what being done and Itake care of one thing that I never hurts or produces harm to anyone.When people on my surroundings gets the happiness I also becomes happy for them.This is what I am
View s for better India
This is all the students who later changes the future of a country.Its just that we don't realize it.When we get borne in this world we always get treated very carefully and in a very soft manner by our parents.They love to care us,they feel happy to do so and even we feel too relaxed at that time but just when we grow up,slowly slowly everything comes in our mind,we start to see the world,the environment etc.Later we go to school to get the education which is the main point where I want to focus much light.This education is only the thing which brought us changed and which makes us capable to participate in our country's development.Just have a look to all these and those great legends of our country and have a silent thought on it and you will get the answer that the legends are not by born,what they became is through the activities or participation made by them.
Spare time activities
Other than leading a well standard life,I have a passion of music which is the most important part of my love and I feel the same for every living being.When any baby gets borne,we uses the music at the celebration and even after the several years on the same baby's death,we use the music only while giving the farewell.So when I feel myself free,I used to connect myself to my Ipod or any other medium of music and entertainment.I also love to play play sation.The games and the musics are the two things in y life which really keeps me working under pressure and tention free
About Myself
I am a very simple boy with a kind heart and a straight forward nature.I never hides anything in my heart even its harsh or loving to others.What feels to me,I appear in the same manner.I am a youngest member of my family even then I behave something like so big or aged person.Takes everything very seriously regarding the family's future.I always respect elders whoever they may be either a very rich uncle or my fathers friend or be it a beggar or old labour.I love to care for others as I think that I also came to this world because of my parents so I feel happy to help to anyone at anytime.I love to be with my family as I love my parents very much but I have never done anything yet to made them feel proud.What I did always goes the wrong manner.So till my whole life it is my only mission to do something which will really make my family proud of me.
Most influenced factor
None other than my father takes this honour.I learnt to be patient and to always do good for others and this is what my father taught me.We suffered a a lots of problem in our life but how we got recovered,thats tough to believe.My father always taught me to be well with others inspite of expecting any reward or help from them.Don't count what you did for others and what you get in return from them.He says that There is someone sitting on above who is watching this world always and had its calculations on all the deeds by everybody in this world
Family Background
Family,this is the most precious gift I have had from God and I thanks God for giving me such family.I am proud to be a part of my family.We totally count for more than 50 members and we all are so loving but speaking about will take lots of time and even space also.Lets do it only with my own family.We are 5 in numbers in my family including me.I am the youngest part of my family.My father is a professor of economics by profession and my mother is a house wife.I have two elder brothers and both are in job right now.My eldest brother works for BARCLAYS bank in Dubai,UAE.He is so sentimental and so much loving for us.He has been in Dubai since the last five years and used to come to India only once a year so we whole family misses him a lot.My second brother works in Fidelity International at Bangalore and the last one is me,searching for a job right now.
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