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Ask Kiran Kumar Sakaray for Advice
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Kiran Kumar Sakaray
Kiran Kumar Sakaray

Kiran Kumar Sakaray



View s for better India
Our national development agenda has its focus on rural development. Most of India dwells in rural areas and therefore the national development agenda rightly seeks justice for those who often live in poverty, in the state of hunger and malnutrition and deprived of clean environment, sanitation and medical facilities. Rural scenarios are generally represented by agriculture, which involves all the land-related activities, such as cropping, forestry, forestry, plant protection, horticulture, animal husbandry, poultry, rural-based aggro-industries, and the lakes.

A university is composed of four pillars: i) its infrastructure, ii) students, iii) teachers/ researchers/ extension workers, and iv) stakeholders, especially farmers. Students form the largest base of the University and, haplessly, this strong base has been and is being addressed inadequately. If tapped properly we can transform students’ energy into a kind of synergy that would be phenomenal towards changing the overall India
Career Expectations
There is a rapid growth in the field of study. New technologies are being implemented in the field of IT scenario. parents are showing interest to educate their children and which is leading to a good literacy rate. i feel that all the state governments should make the schools and colleges to follow the central syllabus so that all the rural students can reach the standards of the students who are studying in cities and corporate schools. Every year the number of applications for EAMCET or IIT are increasing which indicates that lot of students are trying for higher education but lagging with the good standardized colleges. computer knowledge should be made compulsory from the primary school itself so that the students can have their minimum grip on their own day to day works without depending on some others...
Most influenced factor
From my childhood i was much passionate with technology and computers.. but in my plus twelve i was not aware that just the entrance exam changes the whole life.. i couldnt clear the entrance exam for btech.. i lost that life.. all my friends were doing btech and i joined degree. i had a zeel to become sw engineer.. for which i thought not to miss the chance of getting a good university rank for doing MCA. i worked hard.. i know i lost my btech life. which i can atleast recover a part of it by doing mca in a well recognized university. today m proud that i completed my mca successfully form one of the top universities...
Spare time activities
From my childhood my hobbies are troubleshooting computers.working with different operating systems.. trying to find hw it works.. what virus affect what how to solve each problem without formatting the operating system how to get the deleted data.. formatted data recovery.. working with virtual machine software trying to find how virtual machine works In my experience i have learned lot of things which really earned me lot of respect, name and fame in university as well as at ma home town.. in my spare time i work with new softwares.. and try to find wat changes it makes and root causes fr its functionality...
Additional information
I say that if one has a goal.stick to hard for it.. some day or the other u can achieve it to be deterministic.dont leave any work in middle if u didn't get it.Try for the alternatives.. search for the solutions.. get suggestions from the expertise.. u can beat it easily.
My uniqueness
My good communication skills and computer troubleshooting skills.
Favorite subject
operating systems and computer networks... Because operating system is a powerfull subject without which u cannot do anything with any machines.. every machine needs a operating system and networks its the basic subject needed to communicate bw one or more devices.These two are really awesome subjects and are like ocean..
Most proud accomplishment
When i first entered SV university it was my dream to occupy the stage of SV auditorium at least once in life time But with Gods grace i got chance to anchor for the three day international conference on IT. I can never forget it in my whole life
First Job Expectation
1.I should be able to apply my skills in that job and must be helpful for the company's growth and simultaneously improve myself.
2. Company should recognize my skills and benefit me accordingly.
3. Its not that i should start my career with a top level company.But the company that i work with ill try to make it a future top company.
Family Background
I am basically from a village.. My father Shree.Sakaray Suresh babu is a HOME GUARD and my mother Smt. S.Rathna Bai is home maker... Ive two siblings.. A elder brother and a younger sister. I need to settle in my job as soon as possible to support my family.. They are doing their best and i want to be a part of it.. M doing my best to improve and implement my skills..
Challenges facing by students
The biggest problem facing by students is the lack of guidance and the lack of access to internet.the students should be given counseling about the courses and they should be guided their way depending on their skills.the transportation is also a big problem for the students coming from villages. lack of computer knowledge. They should be trained for communication skills from childhood.they are good at subject but lagging in communication skills. They are very far away from the world because of the lack of internet and computer knowledge.
Most flourishing college experience
My most rewarding college experience is that i acted as president for 530 students staying in our D block mens hostel at sri venkateswara university during my MCA. It gave me a great honer and reward.. I learnt many things like how to handle different situations with different people.. Many people like my way of handling things and they approach me with a hope of getting the problem solved.. Thanks to god for giving me such leadership qualities.
Favorite Books and Articles
I can say an article about SIXTH SENSE MOBILITY TECHNOLOGY BY PRANAV MISTRY AN INDIAN.I was really inspired by the technology he developed. I feel like anything any hardware can be converted to a software and any software can be converted to a software if one has the interest to work on it.I really appreciate Pranav Mistry for his great work on SIXTH SENSE MOBILITY TECHNOLOGY
Time Management
learning new things, browsing how stuff works videos, browsing sites like siliconindia, techpp and reading magazines like digit, reders digest...
About Myself
Tech geek i am much confident and self determined person.. I stick on the work i do Till the complete or get the solution for my work i cant feel satisfied or happy.. I want to be a part of IT development company and give my hands on the keyboard to work with the company
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