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Kavita Vinita Parwani
Kavita Vinita Parwani

Kavita Vinita Parwani

Director at Crizaze

Crizaze Modelling and Advertising Agency


Kavita Vinita Parwani is a member of:

Important lesson learned
Consistency,honesty, hard work,networking are very important but most important thing is keeping oneself positive always.
Important decision
Switching from service to Business
Initiative to develop a country
We should follow these things to make India lead the world:
Use products made in India,feel proud by doing this,adopt area according to capacity and make it a dream land,Cleanliness, Traffic sense (which means keeping distance between 2 vehicles,not to blow horn and follow lights at signals),Positive thinking,respect to women, grow more n more trees, love animals.
Brief description about me
I am Kavita presently Director at Crizaze Advertising and Modelling Agency. I always wanted to do my own business but husbands frequent postings made me to choose service sector. I did teaching which was my passion for 4 yrs in Air force school and Kendriya Vidyalaya. Meanwhile I was taking Yoga classes as a social work . I started Tupperware business in 2006 and got promoted to manager and group manager, did extremely well in that business even got China and Bangkok trip through Tupperware company, but always wanted to start my own company so started Crizaze in partnership along with Tupperware. In a start up company we faced problems of models and clients initially but due to persistent efforts we started getting both, that efforts are still on.
My family background
my dad is an Engineer and mom house wife, have 2 elder brothers,i am only daughter in my family so very pampered, My father is ahead of time, very open,Honest person doing his own construction Business, he is builder and both my brothers joined same business, elder one is Engineer and younger one is lawyer.both are happily married. i got married in 1989 with an Engineer working in Military Engineering Services as gazetted officer.i have 2 kids,daughter doing MS 2nd year in Netherlands and Son is in 4th yr IIT Madras. I am totally blessed person having a wonderful husband and 2 intelligent kids.
My achievements
I made ladies learn Yoga in free classes as well as helped house wives to learn basic computer. When the give blessings and praise me I feel I achieved a big thing. In some way I am empowering women.
career wise I got 2 incentive trips to Beijing and bangkok and started my own company is big thing for me.
My role model
Many ladies not in particular.
Ensuring success
lot of hard work, like at this point of time My husband got posting to Bhatinda from Chennai, now I have to see how and what I can do from their , thanks to net,I can survive through that.
Influenced by
women achievers, I feel if they can do why I should not.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education system is totally defaulted, it is putting lot of pressure on children's mind and parents too, its snatching their happyness. I studied lot of history,maths,Geography etc. I dont know where I am applying. If we apply selective study pattern then it will be more effective, it make people more specialised than generalised and burden will be automatically reduced.
Couple of years from now
In next two years I will be getting enough time so I want to grow a lot in my business, I want other people see me as a role model.
My strongest skill
My honesty,passion for work,soft nature and positive attitude.
More about myself
In foreign country they are not working hard as we do, Indians are very intelligent too but still we are in developing country status. Why European countries where people are working 9 to 5 strictly , not doing hard much work ,business people close their shop by 6 o'clock sharp are developed countries. What makes India legging behind? Is it our policies or population? I wonder? How to change India? How to give equal status to girls? How to stop rape? How to make country clean? Can we make India at top position in medical tourism ? With so many diversity land and people wise , can we make India as favourite destination worldwide? Being a land of Gurus,Can we put India to top for spiritual destination? With all these changes i am sure days are not far when India will be among top countries.
Degree that I recommend
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
To see how his/her team members will be benefited is make them wonderful leader.
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