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Kasan Venugopal
Kasan Venugopal

Kasan Venugopal


Seshasayee Paper

Couple of years from now
Consultant in WCM tools or Executive in HR for highly motivated employees.
My family background
I am widowed, blessed with two children, daughter is B Tech -Biotechnology, working in a small firm. Son did his BE - Mechanical and Team Player in CTS, Chennai. My mother takes over home department.
Important lesson learned
I am a strong believer of Astrology. I have read many books as hobby. TIME is God ! If we miss it, it won't come back. Don't waste it.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Initially since Independence, it is a field allocated to State Governments. But, in due course of time, education gains momentum and even down-trodden people want their children to be highly educated.

Politics entered in Education through University Administration and influenced the very purpose of education. Central Government started schools throughout India and high standard of syllabus followed. Schools of many states comparitively less standard of syllabus. All India Counsil of Technical Education conducted entrance exams. at par with Central Board School level, which students of many states cannot compete. Now 50 % merit seats and 50% management quota seats system is followed for almost all professional colleges. Student life experiences discrimination. This will cause all type of social deviations in the individual, which is harmful to our society. The output is what we heard from our daily news. My suggestion is big but in one word :'Education must be politically free'.
Ensuring success
I have read newspapers and net-surfing daily to update myself in current affairs in politics and company news. I am about to plan for a small blog- writing practice about various topics so that I will get self-confident in permanent online writing projects.
Important decision
As I will be alone after my wards settled in life, I make myself busy with some interested hobbies like blog-writing.
My role model
'Bharath Rathna' Mr M G Ramachandran alias MGR is my role model for my character development. I proudly say, I am a tee-totaler. I will not reveal anybody what I helped financially or otherwise, for the needy. This is obtained from our beloved MGR! As a CM in Tamilnadu, he did many useful projects which is still being followed successfully by his followers.
More about myself
In 'Manu', a Charter for code and conduct for individuals, told that there are 4 ways to make others work for you. They are sama,thana, betha and thanda. First : ask him to do the job. Next, if you have done, I will offer you this or that. Next, if those who have done this job will get this while others will not be given. Finally, provoke them to the ultimate insult and make them do the job. But in organisation now, we can see the managers never allot jobs to their sub-ordinates. They just pass through and use 4th step straight away. This is wrong. Human being can be managed by love and affection. You need not pay money much. If you show some sort of kindness, they will bow and never forget. Workers are human beings. But officers are not behaving like one. This is the secret of success in industry life and personal life. Love only can win!
Influenced by
It is my wife, Mrs. V Anbumani. She was diploma electronic engineer and put her service in BSNL as Telecom Technical Assistant (1987-1998) till her demise. Before marriage, I have no very good opinion about ladies and thought that they were the image of selfishness. But, as soon as I met her, to my astonishment, my opinion vanished as I saw her each and every activity ! Her life and death teach me a lesson, 'time and tide wait for none' and I started live for others and declined for re-marriage.
Initiative to develop a country
All the professionals should work 50 % for their salary and avoid bribe. This is enough for India to become developed.
Degree that I recommend
Diploma given by an authorised body for Training. I knew its contents which I have covered in MBA. But this is authorised for Central Govt. for trainers.
Brief description about me
I am working in a medium-size (1200 employees) manufacturing organisation. I have worked in 4 different departments viz., Quality Assurance of finished product, Training and Secretariat of World Class Manufacturing methods. Well-versed in TNA, Competency Mapping and Enhancement and ISO documentation of the above processes. I have done MBA in HRD from Indira Gandhi National Open University. I am part as an auditor in ISO and WCM tools' implementation in our organisation.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Many leaders are behaved like a boss. This is misleading them to gain trust among their followers. They should be Leaders. Leadership qualities are essential for become a popular leader. Otherwise, they are only bosses.
My strongest skill
Training on self-development & operational excellence tools
My achievements
* While I am in Training dept., I have conducted classes for all the 30 days in a month ! ( The necessity is only 15 days). * Within a month, surveyed 1200 employees and evaluated 17 departments and submitted a report for housekeeping audit. My team consists two juniors also. * While consulting on Astrology, for a family, I have made them rejoined a couple who is about to get divorce.

* While during another astrological consultancy, for the couple who lost hopes of getting a child, were made renewed and become successful.
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