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Kartik Sulakhe
Kartik Sulakhe

Kartik Sulakhe

Founder & CEO

Discounto Inc

Time Management
There is something which is always to be considered 1st is the country to assist them in anything. Then comes the money which is a secondary and when scheduling the time I choose to keep the service for the nation with a little support for yourself.
Most influenced factor
Late. Mahatma Gandhi whose story gives an immense support for taking an initiative, sacrifices, and standing up for the country. The time when I was overseas studying, working, and living a wonderful lifestyle there was always something within the soul asking to work for india. When it was studied about the various Industrial Revolutions, Economies a conclusion says it was all about the innovators who created it from several years.
Favorite Books and Articles
Swami Vivekananda's amazing story and his quote always keeps me inspiring that "India will rise again" and its 21st Generation will stand up together for the country. Therefore we all have to work together shoulder to shoulder for India!
About Myself
A visionary of 21st century companies with ambitious, aspiring and inventions personnel after acquiring a Qualifications into the area of Telecoms, Information Technology worked for years into various sectors and suddenly left a wonderful career with one of the world class Manufacturer / Multinational to contribute something for its own country, and its 1.2 Billion People.
Career Expectations
As per the analyses we know that Telecoms, Information Technology can together create an amazing inventions and we are a part of it and it can be seen in various startups which are growing slowly, we as well serving into the area of Careers and Recruitment with a strong vision to contribute for countries in various sectors in the longterm thereby connecting Smarter Workforce to Smarter Organisations.
Most proud accomplishment
We've started by contributing it from the India's world class company Maycoach Careers & Recruitment, and there's a longway to go and accomplish several things, so lets keep working....
Family Background
Mr.Gopal Sulakhe an expert in 'Automobile Engineering' who is giving the services by working in Government of India. Whose skills in Manufacturing industry has always given me ideas in creating a world class products for people.
Challenges facing by students
The challenges seen in the students is a creativity which isn't there in the current system of Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship at all. Students must lookout for studying in various courses and acquire the strong knowledge in that area to see where they can contribute it in the society, Country, and World
First Job Expectation
Transparency &
Social Networking
Favorite subject
Human Resources is one of the strongest subject, and as there is a need for a organised and systematic way of connecting Smart workforce to Smart Organisation. Therefore we as a Maycoach Careers and Recruitment are strongly committed to serve the country by our vision of "Making India a Better Place to work"
My uniqueness
Management is a key to success. Therefore making everything well organised in all angles is what keeps the people saying me a unique individual with iconic skills.
Additional information
This is a country of 1.2 Billion People who are always in need of a world class services, support in all the sectors. So always keep the Trust, Moral values, and Transparency in your work then see whole country will be with you.
Spare time activities
A lot of time spent in scribbling the ideas,reading Magazines, National and International Newspapers, and Economics of the world, Inventions for the growth of india by communicating to as many people across the country.
View s for better India
The growth of the country is within the younger generation who should be able to sacrifice, innovate and communicate with people and standup in the Market. Wont get influenced by any countries we've our own Culture, Traditions support it for the country. Lets work shoulder to shoulder and you, me and all of us take initiatives in various sectors and show to the world that we aren't weak, we can do it.
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