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Jyotsna Sreeenath
Jyotsna Sreeenath

Jyotsna Sreeenath

Asst Professor,Malla Reddy engineering College,Secnderabad

Malla Reddy Engineering College


Jyotsna Sreeenath is a member of:

Important lesson learned
The best things in life come as opportunities and its not always that we succeed or lose but learn from them to improve as individuals. What really matters is the fact that we remain confident and keep moving ahead because we as teachers are meant to inspire our students with positivity.I also get to learn a lot from every student every day and a teacher(though I believe that as a language teachers I am more of a facilitator enabling the students to be active participants rather than passive listeners) must stop believing that he or she is a 'Mr' or 'Ms know all'. we are learning too and need to be accessible to our students to nurture and empathize with them rather than ridiculing or punishing them and this helps me in create a bond for life with most of my students.
Degree that I recommend
Doctoral degrees is the best one can have in this profession.I also recommend people to get some of the best certificate programs from CIEFL,which is now EFLU at Hyderabad, Teachers training programs at the British Council,Leadership training programs at institutes like PEGASUS online language training from are a few that I can suggest right now.It is also essential that one becomes a member at the British Library where we get to read and also stay updated about the forthcoming training sessions there.
Brief description about me
I am Jyotsna Sreenath, Asst Professor at MREC, a leading engineering college in Secunderabad. I teach English and soft skills to the Engineering , MBA and the MCA students. I have been in the teaching industry since 1995 and have done my MA MPhil from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Apart from Teaching I have also facilitated student activities at the colleges I have worked. I work as a facilitator for cultural, leadership and social activities . I am also associated with a number of organisations that work in the areas of waste management, environmental issues.To name a few, Yousee, Seva and Sukuki Exnora with whom my students have done a whole lot of mini projects. I have organised a whole lot of cultural programs at my institution in collaboration with SPICMACAY. PEGASUS Pondicherry and Bangalore are places that I took my student council members for leadership training and got trained myself. I have also been trained at the British Council, Hyderabad to help students prepare for BEC.
Influenced by
My dad a retired Naval Officer has always encouraged me to participate in various games and sports.I have excelled in athletics and am an NCC C certificate holder.Have done para-sailing, shooting and have been awarded as the best cadet only because of his support. My mother taught me to appreciate music and painting and my sister have been my friend and a guide my strength. My students have helped me stay connected with the social networking sites.One person who gave me opportunity to discover the diverse interests and abilities of mine is Dr Ravi Paturi who made me the facilitator for student activities at Aurora's Degree college and then at Aurora's Business School. I could excel as an organizer and a coordinator where I connected and met eminent people from different fields.I am also thankful to Rama Krishna Mutt to invite me to take summer classes for students of all ages.My friends from degree college and the University Renata, Shalini, Ansa and Tanaz to name a few.
My role model
My all time role model has been Kiran Bedi who is a strong woman with great values and who stands for all that she strongly believes in.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Inner strength to stick to the values and ethics(eg, TATAs), belief in oneself,Dynamism, energy(determination to stay healthy),willingness to learn,respect for others and ability to take the right decision are some of the qualities that are required for a leader to be loved , respected and followed.
My family background
My grand father, fought for the world war under the British flag for the sake of our country's freedom later worked for the Andhra Pradesh Special Police as an officer.My father worked for the Indian Navy for 32 years and retired as Honarary Lt.My sister and I are post graduates from Osmania University having finished our school from Cochin, Mumbai,Vizag, Goa. My maternal grandpa worked for TISCO at Jamshedpur and my mother is a graduate from Ranchi University. I was born in Kakinada a coastal town in Andhra Pradesh. I am a cross country runner, cyclist and have played games like hockey and badminton for my school. My siter has stood first in her school in the twelfth standard. I have two children, Aarti, fourteen and Sai, Twelve. Aarti is trained in classical music and Sai has done his four grades(three in practical and fourin theory) in Piano from Associated Boards of Royal School of Music .My husband is a Bank Manager having won the best Branch Managers award from the AP government.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
A completely different approach to teaching is to be introduced in the schools and colleges today.We no longer require teachers but facilitators who enable students to become more empowered, proactive and world ready rather than bookworms or frogs in the well. Teachers today must go beyond classrooms to train their students and be prepared to unlearn all the outdated beliefs and knowledge that hardly is applicable in today's world of learning.To prepare their students for the world of work, they need to be first aware or the various avenues that can help them to get trained and remain updated.Environment sensitivity is the requirement of the day.Campus cleaning and greening programs must be encouraged for the faculty and the students so that each one leaves minimum carbon footprints on earth. Physical fitness,cycling, treating girl-classmates with respect and making martial arts compulsory throughout the country are few of the immediate requirements in the schools and colleges of today.
My achievements
I am extremely proud to have received the best cadet award at a leadership training camp as an NCC Cadet after having excelled in cross country, singing shooting,parade and marching. I am proud to have been among the very few to get distinction in my Masters degree program at OU.Having been voted the best teacher in the twin cities through an online polling conducted by Vibrant Solutions in 2010., having translated a book titled Tantrasaar for Belur mutt Kolkata from Hindi to English,being a co- author of a grammar book published by Tata mc Graw Hills and having recieved outstanding feedback from my students have been few of my achievements. A video that was presented to me by my students speaks volumes about the bond i share with them.
Ensuring success
Attend conferences, workshops,seminars that help me stay connected with eminent people and also learn the para-dime shifts happening in the teaching field.I learn from students and my children about whats in and whats out.I write to authors and people from Language training related books or sites.I take their guidance.I recently wrote to Rashmi Bansal and recieved an encouraging reply.I also recieved a reply from Asha Kaul, Faculty at IIM-A on how to teach Business Communication to my students.I am associated with organizations like Yousee, Mr Gunaranjan a gem of a person who is dedicated to his work to improve the lives of the rag pickers in Indore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai and Hyderabad. I have recently qualified for Phd at OU and am shortly going to register for the same.I am a resource person for communications skills at SNMV, Coimbatore, Bharatiyaar University.I connect to people from the corporate and other industries to be updated and progressive.
More about myself
A positive person with a positive aura is the regular compliment that I recieve and I give the credit to my upbringing(my parents, Lt Karri Deena bandhu, and Mrs Karri Raghava,my sister Meghna my friends, my mentors like Ms Rajeswari, my first employer,My uncles who are what they are through sheer hard work, , Dr Madhavan, Dr Ravi Paturi,a dynamic leader whom I miss,Late Mrs PriyaJ Krishnan,my faculty colleagues,my dearest students to name a few Sandeep, Abhishekh, Mahesh, Karan Phani, Vardhaman,Alina,Ramya,Aparna, Surya,Vishwa,Arun Venkatesh,Aishwarya,Rohit. my dear friend and an angel Gunaranjan(Founder, Yousee), my online mentor,my dear friend Ruth Nishchala, Mr Tony Maher from, my children Aarti and Sai and my adorable husband who is a very positive person who never lets me down and stands as a pillar of suppport.I owe more than thanks to each one of you.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals today have greater responsibility to encourage larger number of people to lead a life that is sustainable and that which protects our planet.Green lifestyle is what every professional must promote as leaders or role models.only if we find solutions to protect our environment can we talk or think of progress in real sense.More that helping people to make money, its time we promote healthy lifestyle and create platforms and invite more number of people to join the campaign against issues like plastic usage, water wastage, deforestation. We need to promote alternate sources of energy usage, paperless offices,energy saving gadgets,reduction of power usage, connect to organizations working for greener planet.promote more of reduce, reuse and recycle.Promote cycling in campuses and ensure the safety of women as far as possible.This will help us to create a beautiful nation with healthier and saner people leading rather than power hungry politicians.
Couple of years from now
I see myself as an entrepreneur and the head of my own institution where learning would be fun and the members of the organization would be happy to be a part of it with all green policies introduced and followed. I also visualize a whole lot of my students participating as guest faculty from varied fields talking and inspiring many more lives.To name a few of my successful students, Geeta Madhuri(Telugu Singer)Yunus(Indian Express)Athira Jayaraj(IIM-B)Krishana Chaitanya(IIM_Shillong)Dilip(Infosys)Sandeep(Cognizant technologies,Aishwarya(TCS)and many more.Priyanaka(News Reader in a Telugu Channel). Another video my students made when I was transfered from the college to the
Important decision
To remain in the teaching field despite its low salary structure!Gives me time for my students and my family!A satisfying profession!
My strongest skill
Positivity and my passion for my work.I enjoy my work and staying connected to my students.Its an amazing journey and an experience.
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