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Joel Dsouza
Joel Dsouza

Joel Dsouza

Business Owner

Genesis Retail IT Consultancy & Services


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Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education system in India has become a money spinning business. With the lack of quality teachers, schools are now using technology to teach students and hence the high cost of education. Though the use of technology is good, complete dependence on it will kill the way values are instilled in children by great teachers. Children become too competitive as they grow up and this spirit will not produce good and real talent. Everything becomes too artificial. The future of the nation depends on these children, so while modern technology will grow on their shoulders, they will be far from being good human beings!
My achievements
Founded Genesis Retail IT Consultancy & Services in 2012 backed up by industry stalwarts with the intention of getting the Retail IT Sector, especially the Shopping Mall Industry, more organized and change the way customers are perceived. Aiming a paradigm shift in the way Shopping Malls operate with regards to treating their primary customers – the retailers and their secondary customers – the walk-ins, by integrating cutting edge technology with customer experience thereby retaining loyalty with the ever growing dynamic tech savvy consumers. In the process, helping Shopping Malls and other Retail Formats to increase their top lines and reduce operational expenses by effectively leveraging technology to their businesses.
Initiative to develop a country
There are some good platforms for professionals and business owners to come together and discuss various issues. But there should be a mechanism where the voice of such forums are heard by the government and do needed changes. The government needs to do away with red tapism at almost all levels. Multi-taxation at different levels don't help either. Entrepreneurs should be encouraged since there are a lot of brilliant ideas and talents that never see the light of the day because of our out dated governmental procedures.
Important lesson learned
Never go by face value of a person or with what you have heard of that person. Build great relationships, value them, success will automatically follow.
My role model
There are many from whom I learnt many things. But role model in my professional career as such is one person whom I value the most. He is a well known face in our industry, but his humility is something that cannot be expressed. Remain grounded no matter how successful you are is his principle in life.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Humility, trust and being a leader who shows how to do things, not dictate.
Degree that I recommend
Apart from the general degrees, understanding the retail sector is a must.
Couple of years from now
To be a great differentiators in the way technology is perceived in the retail sector in India, especially the shopping malls industry.
Brief description about me
Over 16 years of experience in setting up and maintaining IT Infrastructure with proven track records of implementing Retail I.T. Software Solutions in Retail and the Shopping Mall Industry in India and dynamic International Markets. Having in-depth understanding of transforming business requirements into Information Systems Automation rightly identifying and aligning clients' needs with futuristic solutions and adequate services. A successful and diverse background spanning from back-end IT infrastructure, back-end applications like Supply Chain Management System to Consumer Facing Software Solutions in the Shopping Mall Industry and other Retail Formats.
Important decision
Getting into business and opening my firm "Genesis Retail IT Consultancy and Services" aiming to contribute technology to shopping malls and other retail businesses.
Ensuring success
Keeping abreast with the latest technology, upgrade our solutions to meet the latest standards and thereby giving real time benefit to our customers.
My family background
I am a happily married man with 2 kids. My wife is a home maker.
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