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Javed Khatri
Javed Khatri

Javed Khatri

Assistant Professor, BITS edu Campus, Varnama (Vadodara)

BITS edu Campus, Varnama (Vadodara)

Future of Indian Education System
The education system is becoming more and more specialized. For a person to get a good job or to get a recognition, s/he needs to identify his/her area of interest and specialization. It not only helps the person to identify one's potential, but also develops a sound understanding of the area. Considering these issues, modern education system and most of the good academic institutes attempt to develop specialized courses and infrastructures related with them. I believe, the change is from bird's eye view to identifying minute details of an object of study.
Most Challenges facing by students
For students, the biggest challenge today is maintaining the concentration and faith in an area of choice. Principally because innumerable diversions are available,both in and out of education system. The media, the networking, the games, the TV competitions are just a few such aspects that affect the choices and attitude of the students.

One more important factor for students is the pressure from the elders. The students will have to take their choice, even if that choice goes against the wish of the parents. But, the students have to take the choice not in terms of the market but in terms of their own capabilities, aptitude, attitude, interests and faith.
Unique way of teaching
I personally believe that there is nothing that a teacher can actually teach. The education systems job is to make the learners realize their own potential rather than teaching them. The students should be given freedom to explore the area that they want to. In that case only, we will have some thing better to see from our future generation, otherwise they will be clerks and "order-followers" throughout their career which will adversely affect our family structure and society at large. They should be given the freedom to think what they like to think.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Nation development is about developing the powerful society. Powerful not in terms of physical power, but in terms of well-connected to the roots and morally correct thinking. Nation is nothing but a collection of societies. If we work at the level of society, and try to solve social issues at lower level, we will automatically get better nation. In most of the cases, the students are not quite aware about the national issues, everything they know, now-a-days, is the propaganda undertaken by different people at social networking. Nation development is possible with the idea of Awareness only. We really need to come out of our "Ignorance is Bliss" phobia. In order to solve the problem, we need to first identify the problem correctly and clearly. And of course, we need to cultivate an unbiased and objective thinking process for the same, cause at times part of how we see the problem "is" the problem.
Way to motivate Students
It is difficult to identify one's skills, frankly speaking I don't even know I have certain skills. But, I always try to maintain humor in the class, even if I am talking about the most serious and/or difficult topic. Humor maintains their mental presence and ensures that they will, at least, get something. Second technique I use is, I go to the inception of the thing/issues/event/concept that I have to discuss with my class. That motivates and helps them to learn more, apart from that it develops an understanding of history and development, and the factors that affect them.
Strongest Subject
I enjoy teaching "Communication" the most, principally because everybody knows something about communication, so everyone can participate and contribute in the discussion, and we tend to get various perspectives. Second important reason is the topic is very vast. Third important reason that I believe is "it is communication that makes us human", makes us unique and different from other animals. It is always cultural and contextual, and authentic in certain sense. Interestingly, in the issues related with communication, we can identify a problem/mistake only when we commit one. You can not know about the problems of communication without experience.
My inspiring personality
There are many and for various reasons. Swami Vivekananda and Shri Aurobindo for their spiritual efficiency. Mahatma Gandhi for his faith in two abstract ideas. Noam CChomksy for his anti-war movements. Zizek for his understanding of the modern culture and his capacity to articulate his thoughts so efficiently, and many more.

But the person who has influenced my life the most is my father. He was just another person walking by, but he never had a grudge for anyone. He was not well-educated (7th std pass), but he was very clear in his communication and knew the value of the education. He wanted us, me and my elder brothers, to get educated but he never imposed any of his decisions upon us. He held skills and values prior to money.
Most Rewarding Moment
My Sociolinguistic classes were the best to remember. Talking about Language, Society and Culture in front of heterogeneous class is always exciting, and the kind of feedback that I received was marvelous. The classes taught me one thing for sure and that is "Language is always political."
My Advice
Come to this profession only if you are really interested because it is not an easy task, it needs full-time devotion, your mistake or lethargy can ruin someone's life and career.
Favorite Non-Academic books
I read almost everything from spiritualism to politics. And if one has a right mindset to learn, person will definitely get something fruitful. I read a lot on films and politics, but for me that is academic because these are the areas I work on.
Family Background
I belong to middle-class Gujarati Muslim family. My grandfather died when my father was very young. My father was only 7th standard passed, my mother had passed Old HSC. I have two elder brothers. The elder-most brother could not complete his graduation because of the ill-health of my father. He took up the family's responsibility and joined family business of selling watches, his wife is also 7th pass. Second brother did his graduations from Gujarat University, Chhota Udepur College with Chemistry as a Major subject, and then he did his masters from the M S University of Baroda, Vadodara. Presently, he is working with BDR Life Sciences as an Executive, R & D Dept. His wife is SSC pass. I did my graduation in English Literature from Gujarat University, Pavi-Jetpur College and masters in Linguistics from the M S University of Baroda, Vadodara. I am presently pursuing my PhD from Gujarat University. My wife is HSC passed.
Outlook about way to raise quality education
Indian education is very theoretical, and we always try to imitate Western models. Western models might be good, but we do not take care to make the required changes for our distinct cultures and heterogeneous societies.

We blindly run behind the English medium schools and education. Primary and secondary education should be in mother-tongue, of course we can introduce one or two foreign languages at 5th or 8th standard.

There should be no interference of government agencies in education system. Education system should be autonomous.

We need to develop resources, for example, well-equipped libraries and laboratories/Research centers. We need to develop our authentic publication houses that favors good and innovative research and publish it world-wide.

Majority of the Indian academic institutes lack the human resources. Many of the important chairs and posts are empty. They needed to be filled.

Decrease in student-teacher ration.

Peer-learning should be encouraged.
Important Lesson
Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst.
About Me
My schooling and graduation was done in the small village called Pavi-Jetpur (around 90 kms from Vadodara). I did my graduation with English Literature from Pavi-Jetpur college, Gujarat University. After that, because of the guidance of my teachers I joined my masters in Linguistics from the M S University of Baroda, Vadodara where I opted for the course of Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching. After completing my masters, I started teaching in the Department of Linguistics, the M S University of Baroda. I cleared the UGC-NET examination in 2007. I continued teaching at the M S University till July 2012 on temporary basis, then I joined PIET, Limda but I soon resigned from the place because of non-academic environment. From February 2013 on wards, I am working with BITS edu Campus as an Assistant Professor of Communication Skills. I teach students of Engineering and Pharmacy here. I am pursuing my PhD from Gujarat university on the topic of "Language in Media".
My priorities
Priority depends on the kind of outcome I will be getting. At workplace, my prime concern is the development of the self as a teacher for my students. When with family, the work should not interfere. My entire friend circle in academic in nature, and consequently meeting them would be a double treat. We tend to have detailed discussions on various topics and we find out the fun-moments in the company.

In terms of priority, research is first, teaching is second, and interpersonal relations are third.
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