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Ask Jagannathan Muthu for Advice
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Jagannathan Muthu
Jagannathan Muthu

Jagannathan Muthu

President, Innovaclix


Important lesson learned
People don't care much about your qualifications and past achievements more than what you can do at that point of their life. Live in the present and always work towards a better future.
Brief description about me
I consider myself a problem solver. The biggest reward for my work is solving the toughest problems my customers have and put a smile in their face. I started as a generalist in software development and started focusing on the pharmaceutical industry since at that period of time there were frequent opportunities in this domain. Now I feel more comfortable talking shop with anyone in a pharma company and conceptualize solutions for their problems. The ability to be the connector between the technology and the pharma science is the best of my experience.
Degree that I recommend
I'm not current with the education for this industry but with any computer science degree and passion to learn more are my recommendations.
Influenced by
The most influential person is my wife. She always motivates me by her work ethic and believing in me all the time.
My strongest skill
Being personable. Unfortunately that's where the geeks get least education.
Important decision
Besides getting married to my wife, choosing to be in business rather than working for someone, is probably my best decision in my life. It has taught me some valuable lessons to be a better person.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I personally don't blame the education system as such and it is always a losing cause fighting to change an entire system. Abdul Kalam is the best example that the education system is not broken. May be we should start with changing parents attitude for their kid's education. They have to choose excellence rather than perfection for their kids. Developing great self image for their kids should be first priority. While you're at it, how about developing some creativity ?
My achievements
My happy customers !
More about myself
Being optimistic about the future is my best advice. I understand people have difficulties but those are nothing compared to the story of someone overcame a difficulty. I read recently about a girl lived in the slums graduated CA as a national topper. Those are the examples people should fill their minds with. Thanks to the social media, more stories like that should be available for everyone and hope everyone will be wise enough to be careful about what they read.
Couple of years from now
Working with a team of people highly motivated to be the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Narayanamurthy, Abdul Kalam or even Narendra Modi.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Big dream and willingness to fail. Everyone works hard but how about working hard even when your boss is not around because you want to do a better job than anyone else ? Doing your work and not waiting for the 'Like''s.
My family background
I'm married and have a three year old daughter. These two ladies are the biggest blessing in my life and they motivate me everyday to be a better person than yesterday. Both my parents and my wife's parents are in India and they have taught us the values to be better human beings just by their examples. We are eternally thankful to them.
My role model
Role model is not someone I follow blindly duplicating what they do. There are several people whose talk, actions and incidents in their life motivates me. I have huge list of those people. Some of them are Swami Vivekanada, Gandhi, Subramanya Bharathi, Abdul Kalam, Narayana Murthy, Lincoln, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Booker T Washington, Ben Carson, Mother Theresa and the list goes on. Bottom line anyone fight the odds, stand for their principles/goals and win are my heroes including the girl national CA topper.
Ensuring success
My single most secret to being sane and keep growing is my reading. Reading the books on leadership and management every day helps me to learn more to understand the experience of various people who are already successful. Along with that seeking out to be with people who know more than me and learn from them are the two most important things I do everyday to grow and develop.
Initiative to develop a country
The professionals must do, in my opinion, be successful on their own. It doesn't matter what job responsibility you have, if you strive to be the best, the country will produce a lot of self sufficient but ambitious people what Vivekanada was looking for. If someone is really good in what they do, they cannot stop looking beyond themselves for improving their surroundings. If individuals think like a company, take responsibility for their actions and be compassionate to their team knowing that there is more for everyone to gain, those are the individuals who will transform India. We live in the age of individual success stories and the tenacity is in an Indian DNA. When you are a successful person by your efforts, you will think for yourself and be part of the right social changes, won't follow the mass opinions and don't let others make decisions for you.
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