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Growth Prospect in marketing
Marketing is definitely the name of the game. If you have the right attitude and a strong will, there is no doubt that by marketing your products or services, you will find the right buyer.
Future prospect
If the .in marketplace is even 1/100th of the .com marketplace 5 years from now, I will be on my way to an early retirement. Although I work 7 days a week, I love what I do, so I dont really consider it a job.
Marketing is promoting a product or service in hopes of selling.
Positioning the product
Our products are exclusive .in domain names pertinent across a variety of businesses. Domains such as,,,, and over 200 other one word premium domains are all listed and available for sale or lease.
By Example.... Put them in your shoes, let them know that you have been there before and its just a matter of time, before things turn around.
Achieving Targets
By any means necessary. Which means that you get on the phones and make calls, refute rebuttals, and show them how its done.
Importance of On line marketing
Everything is shifting online. As we see the trend, retail is out and online is IN. Even for a product or a service.
Role in an organization
Domain Investor - Invest in premium .in domains, looking for business partners to either purchase, rent or lease .in domains.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Certification is overrated. I would rather see experience, and more importantly DETERMINATION.
Motivating Factor
Waking up each morning, knowing that there is so much opportunity. It all depends on whether you have the will to succeed, the determination to move forward, and not worry about rejections....
Future trend
The major trend is everything seems to be shifting online, which works out great for our business model, which is selling and leasing premium .in domains to the Indian community.
Everything boils down and depends on marketing... Sales, Accounting, Technology.... If not marketed correctly, business is not going anywhere.
I would recommend podcasts, domain newsletters and websites, relevant to the domaining industry since that is our business. Sites such as work out well.
Suggestions to aspirants
If looking to market online, you need to spend the time to understand the business. Nothing happens overnight, its a patient game.
Importance of 4ps
Product - gotta have a product that people are interested in
Price - With a domain name like - this is a no brainer
Place - Location Location Location
Promotion - Promoting the right way is of utmost importance
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Director - Global Sales
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mcx munafa and airtel as a f.o.s
Director - Sales and Business Development
Eko Infomatics Solutions Pvt Ltd
Senior Manager - Strategic Accounts
HCL Technologies Ltd
Seles Executive
IDEA Cellular Limited