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Hiren S Bhatt
Hiren S Bhatt

Hiren S Bhatt

CEO & Director

Websters Netlink (P) Ltd.

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New trend
A lot of changes have come and affected the technology since I started looking at it. The most important thing that I noticed is the interest and contribution of the people in technology which has increased highly. We can see technology is no longer limited to Greeks, you can look for inputs from every individual today, be a house wife or a college student or even a school going child would provide a feedback on improving technology and all that contributes in improving the way technology servers us today.

I feel this fact makes it very clear everyone is your prospect customer and everyone is your prospect investor, all they look for is a breakthrough product that helps the society. I personally enjoy working on projects that relate more on touching lives through technology and that is what keeps me going as I love what I do and my work gives strength to my passion for bringing technology to work for all.
Concept of BI
Whether you’re launching your first business intelligence and analytic initiative or leading the next phase of an existing program, Business Intelligence enables you to validate your strategy and approach, exchange best practices with peers, benchmark where you are against your competitors, and generate new ideas to improve your organization’s ROI.

Business Intelligence helps to manage data by applying different skills, technologies, security and quality risks. This also helps in achieving a better understanding of data. Business intelligence can be considered as the collective information. It helps in making predictions of business operations using gathered data in a warehouse. Business intelligence application helps to tackle sales, financial, production etc business data. It helps in a better decision making and can be also considered as a decision support system.
I worked long hours at work at the first start up I joined after leaving a full time paid job. Like many teammates, I’d work in the office during the day and then continue to work from home after dinner. Always to be on-call in the event that anything with the product were to go wrong.

The though that more we worked, the more value we could produce and the more likely that our start up would succeed. In the years, I’ve come to learn that working more hours isn’t the most effective way of producing more output.

The only most valuable lesson I’ve learned in my professional life is Focus on high-leverage activities.

Leverage is defined as the amount of output or impact produced per unit of time spent. It’s the return on investment for time spent.

Mentoring new hires.
Building tools and automating repetitive work.
Investing in learning and in continuously improving.
Actively prioritizing tasks based on estimated return on investment.
Re-using what’s available rather than re-invent
Describe your struggle of achieving success
What Do Bosses Look Out For?

Bosses ultimately want someone they can trust to do a job for them.They want to ensure that the people who are looking to rise up the ranks are able to deliver and have a track record of success.

Learn from your mistakes, as well as from those around you and above you. It is important to recognize that mistakes will be made but as you gain more experience, you will learn from them and make fewer errors or bad judgement calls over time, which will ultimately make you a better manager. Be confident about where you want to go so that your subordinates have clear directions about your vision, and constantly share your ideas, thoughts and opinions with your people to motivate them to work at their peak. The golden rule for management applies: Be quick to compliment, and slow to criticize.

Most importantly, spend time with your direct boss and ask for feedback regularly.
Personal Information
I have always been deeply addicted with computers since I first layed my hands on it at our neighbors home. A 286 computer system in the early days of 1988, being my 10th summer vacation he would let me play a few games on it if I helped him with entering data records, which I gladly did. Slowly I developed an addiction and curiosity towards what more I could do with this device. It became my passion and I loved being near it. I can say my professional life began even before I turned 18, when I was interviewed by Essel Group later selected as the youngest franchisee for their innovative product (imparting education through television) which had then in 1991 developed a new concept of providing education through the medium of television, Channel ZED as they called it (Zee Education)since then I could see my professional development daily and today work as Sr Director at WNPL and as a co-founder of Techsters (A much recommended ITeS company globally)
Important Decisions
Since making a good decision is so important, completing both the "Self assessment" and "Occupational research" is critical.

The most important decision I had to take is when I decided to get involved with a start up and put my savings, years of experience and skills at stake.

I could feel I was well prepared to proceed with the career decision-making process as I had Created a vision, Made an initial decision, Set a goal, Developed an action plan and all remained was to Take action

I set a higher bar for myself and peers as professionals. I saw a responsibility to the next generation that is giving something that matters to them with what I felt I was good at. I can see more than a professional working for a paycheck. I see myself as the a professionals who have to do something noble and important.

This is the decision that I look back on as the one that defined who you I am as a professional.
Comparison of current work from previous one
I feel today what I have been doing was never a part of my previous job as I always had a job profile to prioritize, I feel the opportunity today with me is more demanding in nature of my time for one most valuable lesson I’ve learned in my professional life and that is Focus on high-leverage activities.

I get involved with Mentoring new hires.
Building tools and automating repetitive work.
Investing in learning and in continuously improving.
Actively prioritizing tasks based on estimated return on investment.
Re-using what’s available rather than re-inventing the wheel.
Holding tech talks and writing guides to bring new hires on board a team.
Actively prioritizing tasks based on estimated return on investment.
Spending time on interviews and improving interview processes.
Pushing back on meetings without an agenda or meetings that you don’t really need to be a part of.
Investing in learning and in continuously improving.

These activities provide just a few examples of my work today
Book and websites
Well there is nothing at par with formal education and experience, however I really feel this links would provide a good resource for all

Also, IBM's Mike Biere has also just had a book published: 'The New Era Of Business Intelligence - Using Analytic to Achieve a Global Competitive Advantage' the following topics are covered:

• Understanding the scope of today’s BI solutions and how they fit into existing infrastructure
• Assessing new options such as SaaS and cloud-based technologies
• Avoiding technology biases and other “project killers”
• Developing effective RFIs/RFPs and proofs of concept
• Setting up competency centers and planning for skills development
• Crafting a better experience for all your business users
• Supporting the requirements of sr executives, including performance management
• Cost-justifying BI solutions
• Previewing the future of BI
After few years
In the coming years I hope to be in a role that impacts and contributes to my company and masses. I am interested in a creative and challenging work environment that will best utilize my team building and problem solving skills. I am hoping that my background in IT will lend to my growth and success. As I grow in my incoming and subsequent roles I hope to bring others up the ladder/provide to the personal and professional growth of the junior team members. I want to be the individual that is remembered for the problems that became solutions and the unattainable became a reality. Maybe I will be somewhere in between but I will be positioned as a long term and valued individual. That's where I want to be.
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