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Hema Malini Rajesh
Hema Malini Rajesh

Hema Malini Rajesh

Free Lance Educationist

FFree Lance Educationist


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Important decision
The major decision was not to get into engineering though I bagged a merit seat after class 12. I wanted to do my bachelors in Basic Sciences and opted for doing Chemistry, Applied Botany and Zoology in my B.Sc.

I refused a lucrative post as an AGM in a leading Biotech company since I wanted to teach school kids . By the time I completed my M.Sc,. I was very clear that I should become a teacher and teach Science to Middle school kids.

I gave up my Ph.D seat to spend quality time with my child who was just 5 months old infant. But I have no regrets because I see a young, confident teenager blossoming , ready to take the wordly challenges.
I quit in 2013 as a Middle School Coordinator and Science Coordinator because I wanted to help class 12 CBSE students and so have started a small study centre . This year I may open up for Class 9 and 19 CBSE students.
Ensuring success
I view growth and development in two different spheres: Personal and Professional development and growth. Personally, I am now moving towards spiritualism and do a lot of reflections with intense introspection. Apart from that I listen to the talks of well known experts on Religion and Bhagavad Gita. This is enabling me to evolve as a better human being.

Professionally, I read a lot of professional journals from abroad and India. I discuss with my friends and also try implementing newer strategies and methods in the class room. I discuss a lot with my mentor Dr. Douglas Llewellyn, a pioneer in Inquiry Based Learning on teaching science.
More about myself
I always believe that a teaching is not getting into class, talk about the subject and come out without making any connections with the students. I strongly believe and practice this quote "A hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, how much money I had in the bank...but the world may be a better place because I made a difference in the life of a child." Today when I see my students doing successfully in their careers and as good human beings, I feel very proud .
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A leader should be the first to face the crowd when there is a crisis and last when there is a success story. Be practical, innovative , have knowledge about the latest trend in the concerned area of expertise. Be humorous and try to bring the best from all the individuals and above all be humane to the fellow workers.
Initiative to develop a country
Professionals can contribute their might to the nation by training the next generation. But unfortunately, most of them are going out of India resulting in a great brain drain syndrome.

If professionals also look upon helping the less privileged younger generation to establish a profession, India would surely be moving towards development and become a developed country with in a short span of time.
My achievements
I am proud that I have built a strong and supportive family .

I have built a great rapport with my colleagues from all the three sister schools of TVS education Society.

I have been a favourite "Akka" (Students call us as Akkas -sister in TVS institutions)making science learning a fun . I have worked with slow learners and have helped them to come out successfully in their board exams in flying colours which has enabled them to establish a bright career. I feel proud for my kids and wouldn't consider that as an achievement.

I co-authored with dr. Douglas Llwellyn for an article for Science Scope-NSTA publication which became a much cited work and used for references in Inquiry Based Learning workshop. Being a teacher in a small town and writing for NSTA was indeed a proud moment.

Academically, bagging two university gold medals and clearing NET UGC in life sciences and Education have been great moments for my parents, parents-in-law and my Spouse.
My family background
I come from a typical Brahmin , educated middle class family . I was born and brought up in Bangalore. Both my parents were employed in Public Sector Units. Being a single child to well educated parents, academics was always given a greater preference and my parents were always open to my decisions. All my aunts and grandfathers were Headmistress and head masters and so teaching naturally ran in my genes. My father was also a visiting faculty for a law college and taught students English literature , Sociology and Political Science at home .

I am married to Rajesh Santhanam, a SAP consultant at SAP Labs, Bangalore. I have my in-laws with me who are my support pillars in establishing my career and also acquiring further qualifications. I have two little angels-Elder one aged 16 doing her class 12 and younger one aged 6 in class2. I have a small, blissful , supportive and a happy family.
Brief description about me
I am a born bread of Bangalore. I completed my Masters in Applied Botany from Bangalore university and Masters in Education from IGNOU. I had a passion for teaching and research and so landed up in a progressive school at Hosur after my marriage. I love teaching Science to kids in a fun filled atmosphere, triggering their 5 senses and also the 6th sense! I love experimenting with teaching methodologies and have created "Aha" moments in the class rooms.

An avid reader without any restrictions to a particular genre.I am great fan of Robin Cook and love reading the medical horrors and of course Dan Brown has also made his entry into my strong areas of interest.

I am a trained veena player and a music buff. Like to listen to songs of Ilayaraja and SP Balasubramaniam. I enjoy Karnatic music. Travelling is my passion. I like interacting with kids to know more about the way they think.
Couple of years from now
In a couple of years I want to establish a free study center for less privileged students to help them clear board exams and professional entrance exams with a team of like minded youth power of the society.
Influenced by
My dad has been the most influential person in my life. I have seen him lead a simple life with high thinking. Being a staunch believer of Karma Yoga of Gita, he lived a life of a karma yogi. He made a lot of difference in every one's life. He believed in being good and doing good without any expectations and I try to emulate his life path.
Important lesson learned
I would always say that confidence and hard work are the keys to success. Nothing is impossible if our thoughts and desires are legitimate and the whole universe would conspire to help us win our goals if they are just , attainable honestly.

I always believe that one should not be egoistic and have a pleasant disposition towards others. Being genuine, loving and caring would always pay in the long run.

Time is very precious and so avoid procrastination.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
In India, education is more an emphasis on rote learning. Atleast now CBSE has come out with reforms and has introduced CCE which would definitely help students to learn meaningfully. Even in colleges, these days, students are spoon fed with answers and they lack the skills that are essential for the work front.

Students must be made to think independently and innovately right from their school days. More emphasis should be given to learning inreal life situations which would be more relevant and contextual for the students.

Evaluation by means of one exam should be done away with. A three hours paper on a particular day should not be the decider of the student's career.

More emphasis for physical, spiritual development also should be undertaken in schools.
Degree that I recommend
I recommend B.Ed is essential for teaching and M.Ed if they feel they need to know more about educational pedagogy, philosophy, methods of teaching and educational research.
My strongest skill
I am not egoistic, open to ideas, inquisitive, well informed,good at oration, trouble shoot problems within the classroom, patience, hard working, my sense of humour and personal touch to all students and colleagues , taking up newer ideas and implementing in the class rooms are my strongest professional abilities.
My role model
As I have stated earlier my dad. My professor Dr. Ramesh Chavan is my role model. He was a wonderful teacher who could lecture on the subject non stop for 4 hours without any references. Such was his subject expertise and I have always wanted to be like him. He thought me the value of time, precision and perfection !!!!!!!!
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