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Harish Sharma
Harish Sharma

Harish Sharma


H. S. Communication

Important decision
Like I already said, I like taking risks in life. It helps me to grow as an individual. And in this process I have taken most difficult yet important decisions of my life.
Whether it was living a successful journalism career in Pithoragarh, and coming to Delhi. Initially I had done freelance journalism and few job, later in year 1996 started my own PR Company – H. S. Communication. Within two year in year 1998 and till 2007, I took proud in saying that PR in Delhi meant H. S. Communication (My PR agency). All the film production houses, films, newcomers, established singers, artists etc use to come to me for their promotional activities.for me each film pr is my 1st film, You can have a clear picture from the fact that we have done more than 300 films PR, more than 500 events, till now.
So, as you can see by God's grace my risks are always paid off well in the end.
The funda is simple I want to be remembered as a person who has the guts to search for new horizons.
My strongest skill
My definition for the PR is pure love. To be calm, to be composed, never get frustrated and had taken my every project till date as my first job so that I does my work with the same passion as I use to 20 years ago.for me all the media is equal and all the stars,films and events are same means no small no big,for me free lance journalist is also most important as any big newspaper journalist and same for new singer or establish singer or non starer film or big stars film my treatment is same.I am very clear and straight forward to my clients what can be possible or not, i never give them big hope if they don't deserve,if they convince then its fine otherwise i will not keen to work with them but same clients come back to me with praising that you were right,because i know how much media is interested in particular pr,with 16 year experience in pr i know how much mileage media will give,These all according to me are my attributes that has helped me to achieve what I have today.
Brief description about me
From childhood I wanted to become a cricketer, but life had planned different destinations for me. My passion for writing was always there in me like the blood that is running through my veins. We never understand the importance of it but it is what you are made of. And today, I have more than 21 years of experience in the field writing, whether it is in the field of reporting, Press Relations, or Directing films.
In this journey of highs and lows in my life, I am sure of one thing, nothing is impossible if you just believe in yourself. Taking risks in life is my second passion. It keeps me on edge and makes me feel alive.
I love trekking, whenever I use to reach on any peak of the mountain I never looked down to praise myself for what I have reached rather use to look at the other peaks nearby, and use to tell myself ‘Harish, that one is your new destiny' this same principle is applied to my professional life…
Initiative to develop a country
Though it's difficult but why not successful professionals like us cut off some of our luxuries and try to give it to the needy so as to bring equality in the society.
Professionals like doctor, engineers, etc should think of extending their services to the small towns and villages rather than just earning in the cities. And if why should people have to leave their home in villages to come to city in search of a better life. I think the good facilities should be provided to our villages too so that even if migration from village to city happens, it should be merely on choices rather than their need for a better life.gape of profit should be minimize for example DDA in Delhi and Mhada in Mumbai give the flats in half of the price in compression to privet builders in same area,why not big corporate house come forward to give flats to every Indian in same price as government can give even builders can also keep there profit 20% not 50% then things will be easy for needy people.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A leader should talk not just to communication but his words should have the power to convince and inspire others.
A leader have to be a good listener too. I mean he should listen to all and should then make his mind about any matter.
A leader should be fair and transparent.
He/she should be flexible enough to understand the mind of his sub-ordinates.
A leader should not consider failure as a set back rather it should be taken as chance to explore new things or angels in life. When you fail in something then life gives you the chance to try out new things.
A leader should have full trust on himself because then only he can convince other about him.
And last but not the least a leader should not always think himself as the captain of the ship. Let me explain, like Sachin Tendulkar is a role model to everyone but Mahindra Singh Dhoni is most successful Indian captain. Whenever Dhoni needed suggestions he has looked up to Sachin.
Important lesson learned
Nature, God and people gives you fair number of chances in your life. You just need to grab them. I have learnt this important lesson in my life.
Also when you have two situations in life and you have to choose the best one for you. This kind of situation is very tricky but I have learnt my own way. Decide what you want from your life and you, then you automatically choose the best option for you. And you should believe in yourself that yes I will do more thing is very important in life that either make people the way you want or if not possible in some time you can mold yourself the way people want but mind it without compromise without loose your dignity,when i was in pithoraghar my mentor that time DM Rakesh Sharma asked me during his transfer are you ok here or should i call you to noida for better future,that time first thing come to mind why he is offering me my future,i grab his offer as i know he is a DM and more experience then me,he trust on me and i trust on him.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The education system in India is not up to the mark. I think student doesn't have to travel kms to get education rather education should reach towards them. You all know in villages or small towns for upper education students have to travel a lot. And think about the situations of girl student have to face. Their parents couldn't breathe properly until their child reached home. Though there are certain leverages for girl student but the security concern still remains.
Now lets come to our cities, here we might have lots of options but the society here is segregated in so many classes that student learn less education rather they become clone of the existing society.
And when a student migrates from his or her place to a big city for better education opportunities he/she somehow becomes so habituated with the glitz and glam of the city that they totally forget their roots and again their village is remains as it is.why not education institute should be in reach of every student,
Couple of years from now
I want to see myself as a successful film director, successful entrepreneur, and by God's grace and hard work my wish is to help more and more needy and helpless poor people. I think helping needy doesn't always require an NGO, you should have the will and willingness to help others.
Then of course as director I want to successful in the Hindi film industry and then may be Hollywood will be my next destination.I am very thankful to God that whatever my dreams with open eyes is fulfill till now and that confidence give me strength towards the success path,my advise is think big dream big believe me you will get your path for sure,i want to direct only 10 films here in India but all will be left there mark because i cant direct routine films,my all films will be commercial but with message,I don't want to direct the film that when you go to theater to watch the film but left your mind at home and when reach home fix it again,my next film will be Alone 1st color film with alone actor.
More about myself
I want to give thanks to all those people who have played an important role in helping me to achieve what I have achieved today. My history professor,M.C. Bhatt, because with his guidance I was able to write more than 50-60 articles on the history of Pithoragarh which initially helped me to establish my career in journalism. My uncle,Suresh Sharma, who has given me the chance to be corespondent for Hindi newspaper AAJ.That times district magistrate of Pithoragarh, Mr. Rakesh Sharma, was a very important person in my life because he was the first person to understand my capabilities and hard work.
My father Shri B.D.Sharma and my wife Meenakshi. My father gave me free hand to choose whatever I want to become in life. And my wife's solid support. She always supported my decisions in my professional life. I had a very established career in Delhi when I decided to shift to Mumbai but she believe me and supported my decision. Even in earlier time also she has been rock solid in my life.
Ensuring success
I try to strike a balance between my dreams and the responsibilities I have. Like my dream is to become a successful film director for that I am working on my scripts and other stuffs. Simultaneously, till I achieve my dream I have continued working as PR for the past 16 year so that I keeping earning and living my life to its fullest.I don't have any wish to complete in pr field that i should do pr for any super star any biggest film i did all in my career but now my dream in pr is that people should remember me whenever they think who can be pr of any musicians only one name should come in there mind which is HS COMMUNICATIONS PVT days i am working on it and for this my biggest strength is great sufi singer Kailash Kher,his help,support is uncountable,i can say he and his manager Pakul Chaturvedi and ex Tips music man Rajeev Sogani are the persons due to them i am able to stay comfortably in this difficult city,at the end my 16 year old daughter as she grow my career grow.
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