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Hari Bhatt
Hari Bhatt

Hari Bhatt

VP, Reliance Industries Limited

Reliance Industries Limited


Hari Bhatt is a member of:

Couple of years from now
I prefer to work as leader and would like to help small enterprieniors in improving their profitability by change of process and value addition.
In my personal capacity I would like to work for younger generation in teaching them the managemnt by leadership.
I am also of the view that Sr. Citizen council should undertake teaching the values of Indian phelosophy blanded with modern techniques.
My family background
I belong to a very middle class family. My father was a priest and use to deliver speeches on Shrimad Bhagavata and teach Sanskrit and Manu smruty to Royan family of Dungarpur. Though we are brahmins from a priest family but my family never put any barriers in our advancement and acquiring knowledge. My mother was though uneducated by she was very intellegent and made all our brothers to acquire higher education and reached higher levels in all Public Sectors undertaking . We are 4 brothers and once sister. All my brothers served as General manager , Vice Presidents and Sister a double graduate and working as Lecturer in a Government teachers training college.
Important lesson learned
I would like to share my experiance and feelings to the new generations at the appropriate forum . Once I am retired from RIL I would like to work for society and younger generation in fulfilling their dreams . I would also like to work for my children up keepiing. My son is working in singapore as creative head of a renound News channel and daughter is afood scientiest in US.
Brief description about me
I am Hari Bhatt, working as Vice President (SCM) for Reliance Industries Limited. I am a Supply Chain proffessional having experiance of total 35 years in various field of Logistics and Materials Management. I have constructed , commissioned , operated and improved productivity of facilities and resource. I have strong belief in management by Quality and use of various quality tools. Our sourcing , 3PL , Improvements and change management have been my favoured tools of management. I have liking for man management and achieving desired out put. Leadership is my born quality.
My achievements
I have designed , constructed faclities , Business processing for Logistics and supply chain of a large and No.1 company of India - Reliance Industries limite. The systems I desigend are working for last 20 years without any problem and have created controls and systems in place for error free operations for last 6 years which is a record by itself after handling 60 Million MT product every year.
More about myself
There are many tools on quality world wide, How to adopt and what to adopt is a million doller question. How to sellect the right tool for management is very critical for organisation. I think I have gained sufficient experiance in managment of tools and we can talk about.
Initiative to develop a country
There is need to bland world wode practices to be adopted in Indian circumstances. We have large potential to develop, what is missing is cannelising. In todays proffessional world every one wants to reach height , but there is clash of intrest amnongst proffessionals and there come the saffocation, and ultimately de-attached. We need to teach how to survive and co exsist in the present enviornment and how to make every one intrested in achieving common goal that is nations up.
Important decision
Nothing special.
But let me tel you now it is time to really make a big decission.
Very eager to make it.
Ensuring success
Learning . Self experimenting and givings givings and only givings.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Our's is the best in the world. What is missing in present edicutaiton system is development of the right citizen. Our government is doing good job but by not including learnings of Our old culture of Rama and Krishna , Budda , Mahaveer which has taken bearth in Indian soil is missing and we teach zJack and Jill . This will confuse our next generation and will be lost in the world.It is high time we adopyt our own system not to copy the western system.

I strongly feel we should make English as our common language. for education.
My role model
Lord Krishna , Bhishma , Arjun , Maharana Pratap and Gandhi. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
My strongest skill
Shop floor management
Men management
Love for Systems
Love for SOP
Use of Electronic tools
Use of Quality tools
Influenced by
Shri Dhirubhai Ambani with whom I worked.
Shri Mukesh Ambani
Late Shri Kanak Trivedi , Sr. VP
Shri HS Kohli, Director RIL
Shri Sukumar Narasimhan Sr. VP RIL
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Love ,
Right attitute.
Zeel for Quality
Degree that I recommend
Management in Supply Chain
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