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Girish Sharangpani
Girish Sharangpani

Girish Sharangpani


Symantec Corporation


Girish Sharangpani is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I stay with my wife, Manjusha, my 18 yr old Son Mihir, and my mother.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
I am the founder & CEO of Knowledge labs. We handle almost every aspect of structured and non structured documentation, work as developers and communicators, transforming information into knowledge… Please check my Website ( to know more about what we do.
Tech trends to watch out for
Our future is filled with many uncertainties regarding what employment would look like. Industries are being consolidated (or eliminated), & with the competition growing all the time, the Global economy has turned the world into a small market place. I look at it as a challege; an opportunity!!
Areas for the Future
Over time, the software testing domain has undergone tremendous changes; it’s a show-stopper for several product implementations & business has realized the importance of structured testing of applications before release. It has created several levels increasing the intrinsic value of the testers...
Essential Advice
Ideally, if you have a programming knowledge, it would be a big help. Testing requires a different mindset, and in many ways I think you would benefit from this knowledge. This way you would be able to automate much of what you do-making you more efficient & more able to spot accidental regressions.
Role Model
Steve Jobs... do you reablly need to know "why"? :-)
The Journey So Far
To quickly summarize, i have more successes than failures. Had the opportunity to work with some of the great minds around the world, experts in the life sciences, technology, and publications domains. It's been really a pleasure. Did get an opportunity to work on some extremely innovative projects.
Plans for the Future
With my own outfit, in Tech Writing & HR, i see my organization as a preferred partner to some of the best companies. Make my portfolio better, offer a better work life balance to my employees; making Knowledge Labs the best place of work.In the end, leave footprints that people would want to follow
Most Important Decisions
There were maney, perhaps the best one was leaving Symanetec, and reviving The Knowledge Labs. It was a long awaited dream, where now i see some signs of fufilling it... for myself, and for everyone around me; my family, my friends, and my employees.
Currently working at
Like i said, i am the Founder and CEO of The Knowledge Labs. Chech out my Web site in case to need more information.
Changes in the industry
I have set up Engineering, QA/testing, HR teams, created business processes, personally, i was never deep into it. We have moved from Manual testing to Automation now. Today, Automated software testing perhaps is the best way to increase the effectiveness, efficiency and coverage of software testing
Required Reading
I am not sure. I have been away from this for a while now. So, i am not the right person anymore.
Parting thoughts
Like most things in life, you should keep everything simple. When you go home (everyday), & look into the mirror, so long as you don't feel ashamed of yourself, i think you would do fine. We want to be successful, but are we really working hard for it, is a question that we need to ask ourselves...
Points of inflection
There were not many; definitely not in the recent times. Difficult to recollect... But, yes, i have had my share of ups and downs... tides ebb and fall, it's natural. But, sometimes, you have to be little more patient, that's all!
A Fine Balance:
It’s an art of jugglery. However, competing demands could be tiring, and could lead to lower productivity, absenteeism etc. At times, it would add to your pressures, and could become very stressful… You have to be little more organized, and that should do, for starters…
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