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Gaurav Verma
Gaurav Verma

Gaurav Verma

IT Trainer

Teksystems India


Gaurav Verma is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
We are a nuclear family of 5 members consisting of my father a businessman, mother a housewife, elder sister,a B.Ed and is happily married, myself a B.Tech in CS and working as an IT Trainer and my younger brother, a B.Sc and working as sales Executive in Honda Showroom, Kolkata.
Degrees that Matter
For Qualitative Analysis one should have good logical and Analytical Skills which any certification will not bring to you but for testing purpose you should have the domain knowledge in which you are working as a tester.
Role Model
My role model is Sachin Tendulkar. Since my childhood I have been watching him contributing for Indian criclket and taken Indian cricket at greater heights.He has really put a lot of effort in his field to one of the greatest cricketer of all times.Moreover,he is a wonderful Human being too.
Currently working at
Currently I am working as a Senior IT Trainer at NIIT Ltd. and working under a Global project undertaken by NIIT from Govt. Of India to provide IT Education in Bhutan. I have to impart latest technical trainings to the students of various segments like Engineering and Diploma Colleges.
A Fine Balance:
Naturally as a professional one has to cope up with the challenges of Work Life balance.Here We spend 9 to 6 @ office after which spend some good times watching movies,talk n chat with friends and surf the net for latest information to keep myself updated.Moreover some Yoga and exercises also help.
Plans for the Future
After a year or two I want to become a specilaist trainer having certain international certifications done and want to work in overseas projects also.Cuhrrently I am targetting Linux and Java domain which are very important technologies now a days and want to explore into these domains.
Essential Advice
Surely as a QA n tester my advice will be to first try to have a thorough knowledge on the domain and then apply your analytical skills to do better.if possible try to play chess since it is amental game and increase ones mental abilities.
Points of inflection
In my professional career I have gone through many ups and downs but what has been more important for me is that I have gradually kept myself technically updated and and acquired knowledge in various technical subjects which is very important to get sustained in an IT field.
Changes in the industry
Since my domain is more of a technical training I cannot elaborate more on testing fields but really with time newer and newer technologies are coming for which one has to really update him or herself to contribute more.
The Journey So Far
I started my career as an IT Trainer at NIIT LTD. Kolkata,I worked there for around 18 monts after which I joined Tek systems India as a technical Trainer and used to deploy and provide trainings to the distributor ends of P&G India.The job involved lot of travelling. I rejoined NIIT Oct'2010.
Most Important Decisions
The important career decisions that I have made is that I have kept on learning and updating myself on newer and newer technologies and skills which will help me in the long run and have not tried to switch companies quickly.
Most Important Lessons
Important lessons that I have learned so far is to pay more attention to corporate rules and etiquettes in a professional world since there everyone is your direct or indirect customers.Most imporant is to keep oneself physically and mentally fit.
Parting thoughts
ya one more thing I want say to freshers is that they need to be flexible when it comes to salary and working place. At career starting point one should not be very demanding and also keep listening to seniors and leaders in the company as it will help them learn and adapt to different situations.
Required Reading
Sorry as I already mentioned my domain is more of a techincal training so I don't have much idea regarding QA/testing materials.
Current and Previous Responsibilities
My responsibilities include imparting technical trainigs to the students of engineering colllges,manage center dataand update technically,the earlier job role included deploying software at distributor ends of P&G India and had to traine their salespersons regarding PDA,a portable computing device.
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